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Any action that lacks justice is considered injustice, a person can commit injustice when for his own benefit he harms another person.



There are injustices that the law cannot condemn, these depend on the conscience of each individual, a person can act unfairly with his fellow men on a daily basis. We are unfair when we act out of balance, with disrespect, betrayal or when we are not grateful to people who have been helpful to us.

In the bible we are told a lot about injustice, and one of God's attributes is emphasized; Justice. In Proverbs 20:23 we find:

23 False weights are an abomination to the Lord,
And the fake scale is not good.
For God there is no partiality, one must be fair regardless of whether the situation affects us directly.
Colossians 3:25


But the one who does injustice will receive the injustice that he does, because there is no respect of persons.
God hates injustice, injustice completely distorts the world. Unjust people will not be part of the kingdom of God and will be condemned according to their actions.

If you are a person who has suffered unfair treatment, do not be discouraged, trust and believe in God who loves justice, he will not let any situation pass that lacks justice, do not allow a bad situation to ruin the rest of your life, it is It is true that we are filled with anger when we suffer these types of situations, sometimes we do not understand why they happen, or worse still we see that people who practice justice seem to lead a happy life and without problems, but let me tell you that God will get up is in favor of the just and the end of the unjust man already has it prepared. Even if you find yourself hurt, don't give up.

Let's face injustices with love and kindness, always trusting in God. Jesus is the greatest example of a person who suffered injustice and endured in silence, but then our father gave him the highest place that can be given to someone.




unfair treatment is something that hurts us; to be blamed for being innocent is very humiliating and unpleasant, but God is great and does Justice, Sow lifts up the fallen and puts the truth before the eyes of those who need to see it. Beautiful message

There is no way God of justice will tolerate or accommodate injustices. Every work receives corresponding recompense. "For what so ever one sows that shall he reaps".
Evil begat Evil. Let us be careful with the measure we measure unto others, for it shall be measured back to us.

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