Blessed are the humble

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We must forgive as God forgives us every day, there we will fulfill the beatitudes ... "Blessed are the humble because they will see God", that humility is an attitude of the heart, it is to recognize that without God we are nothing ... a humble heart does not despise the Lord ... even when we make mistakes.


Davidwas a man imperfect but had a heart according to God's, that means that he was humble, he was connected with the source, and even in his greatest weaknesses he recognized the greatness of the creator.

Psalms 11: 7 For the Lord is righteous, and loves righteousness; The righteous man will look at his face. That righteousness comes from the hand of Jesus, he is the one who makes our paths straight.

At this time we know that the word is being fulfilled and we cannot pray that what Jehovah has said does not happen, but we can intercede so that the forgiving love of our father may be in us too, that humility that characterizes the greatest of men, Jesus, must be in us, that nothing separates us from that unbreakable and unconditional love, that love that led him to surrender, because the humility of our redeemer was so great that he said: "No one takes my life, I myself give it up to the rescue of many ", is then Jesus the maximum expression of love, that even without deserving it gave us everything, and because of that sacrifice we are here today, let us not be afraid or look at things that perish, today is a good day to look at the perfect target, author and finisher of our faith Jesus Christ, for him be the glory and the honor tonight, and in him be granted all our requests and desires.

My beloved majestic is your name, share what you have received from him, it is the best gift for our neighbor ... let your true name dwell here in every house, corner ... show Enmanuel ... God with us. .. to every soul.

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