To our very own @Ladygospel: Happy birthday darling, God bless you

in HeartChurch28 days ago

September born are cute, strong, beautiful, courageous, fabulous, great, tall and amazing.

I want to use this medium to appreciate God for his great love towards this lady.

She's a great worker for God who serves the Lord blamelessly and believes in God.

She's really a nice person, accommodating and friendly. Moreso, she's a very good cook.

On this special day of hers, I wish her heaven's best.
May lines fall in pleasant places for you
You shall grow among your equals
The light of God shall shine
May you fulfill the purpose of which God brought you to this world.

I wish you all the best and all good things of life.
I love you dear
Have a blast
Have fun
Make merry
Break bottles it's your day


Happy birthday lady gospel

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