The Watchman

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Heartchurch Endeavor

Lift up your eyes unto the Lord, O soldier and watchman! Heartchurch the armies of the most high. We’re riding on to conquest, bearing the mark of Christ which is love, freedom, and faith for all families of the earth.

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With a buckler, sword and shield 🛡 With mouth wide open, full of glad tidings unto Zion from where our salvation comes. The valiant host will bring, then shall we sing aloud, Hossaanna to the Lord! For our Lord God is the king of all the earth.

Oh parishioners, what do you see, Oh watchmen and armies of the Lord? What is that afar, getting brighter by the day. This is like the rising of the star 💫 and a gleaming of the a banner.

Now sing aloud Heartchurch; the watchmen of the Lord, with such a trumpet 🎺 voice and proclaim. To all the families, and to all a full salvation from Christ the redeemer.

This that radiant banner gleaming, which we saw afar, but now our salvation is near than when we first believe. This is the star 🌟 divinely bright which we shall bear in every nation where @heartchurch is named.

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The blessed light 💡 of the gospel of faith, family, and freedom! All kingdoms and tongues, all crowns scepters; shall fall before the Cross ☦️
And Christ shall reign triumphant with his Church, the King and Lord of all forever. Amen

Pray for Heartchurch, and pray for our Apostle @darlenys01

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