I Want To Use An Eraser

in HeartChurch2 years ago

All human beings have a past, many may have had an enriching past and others not so much, but no matter how good or bad it has been, that is the past. People have a habit of wanting to forget everything bad, but they will never be able to achieve it since the human being does not have that capacity.


Only God can do it, that's why the Bible says that God takes your sins, throws them to the bottom of the sea and never remembers them again.Forgetting is not necessary to start over, because those lived experiences are what you can use to determine how you want to live your present and see the results in your future.

Blackboards are used to solve problems, classes, explanations, but when it has been used and we want to write on it again, we must use an eraser. And what if we apply this example in our lives, you have already written enough about what you call life, so do not try to forget your experiences, take an eraser to clean that blackboard and write new experiences. Will problems come? Yes, but with all the problems previously solved on that board, the following will surely become easier to solve.

I want to erase sadness, I want to erase pain, I want to erase anguish, I want to erase anxiety, I want to erase discouragement, please I want an eraser!
Use the eraser, leave everything clean and start solving the new situations that come into your life.

Start writing on the blackboard of your life, your dreams and goals, what you want to achieve, how far you want to go, if you have already used the eraser, do not fill the blackboard with nonsense, Take advantage of the new space to fill it with the brightest ideas that you can think of and run them without fear of losing anything.

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