Education For Sustainable Development.

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The issue of sustainable development has been addressed in recent years in a progressive way, now it is something of vital importance to include it in education, as sustainable development seeks to empower each individual so that their future is pleasant, including issues such as biodeversity among others.

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Educating for citizenship involves the nurturing, teaching and doctrine that is provided to children, youth and adults in order to acquire a behavior typical of the subjects of political rights of a country and that as such exercises them, specifying their intervention in society. This education is a responsibility shared between the State and educational institutions and us, I have always thought that education without limits is the basis for a society to reach its maximum ability.

I took a moment to address this issue since we cannot stop before this desire to achieve development in the countries and communities where we live, teach, learn, include, I currently work as a full-time educator and although it is not an easy task, we must encourage this from childhood.

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There is growing international recognition of ESD as an integral element of quality education and a key enabler of sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by the global community for the next 15 years include ESD. SDG 4 target 4.7 on education addresses ESD and related approaches such as Education for Global Citizenship.

If you want to know more about the objectives and guidelines to follow you can access the website:


If Education is the way for countries to achieve goals and achieve sustainable development, technology plays a predominant role in this process, the world of the digital age and blockchain technology can contribute in multiple ways to enrich this context, both by economic and pedagogical level, an example is in the development of virtual classrooms, constant training and financial aid to promote educational projects on a small and large scale.

Universities, as trainers of future professionals, have an important role in the introduction of sustainability in the curriculum of students, which is called Curricular Sustainability. A lot of thinking and doing in what remains of history, the world is changing great speed and we must keep up with this change, survive or return to the nature of the human being endowed with intelligence and wisdom.

Education and sustainable development must go hand in hand. The educational system must be one of the guarantors of the sustainability of the planet. For this reason, we are faced with the most important educational challenge of the last decade, a question to answer: What will the blockchain revolution do about it?



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