If God exists, How does one rationalize that?

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In general, we find diversities everywhere in the world. E.g. someone is less knowledgeable and someone is more. Someone is rich and someone is poor. Some people are sick and some are healthy. Certainly these diversities create curiosity. “What is the reason of the diversities seen in this world around?” Isn’t it? So let’s go to unveil these diversities…

The entire universe we see is full of diversity, who would be regulating the whole world? My life and others’ lives, even the scenario of the whole world? Who has created this world, who takes care of it and who contributes in its destruction? We all have the same curiosity regarding these basic fundamentals and all have sought out answers in their own way according to their potential. God organizes the whole world in his three forms-He is omnipotent,He is all powerful and He sits high above in the sky. This is all published and most of the people believe that God organizes the whole world in these three forms.

Are we getting relevant satisfaction in supposing the God as omnipotent? Lets suppose that, So many diversities are created by God and it’s up to God that, he manages, maintains and also destroys it. So now question arises that if he does manage the whole world then, who created God?

As answer to above question, it is said that God is beginning-less or eternal. Its okay for a while, we can suppose that he is beginning-less. He is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. He is all-knowing, widely distributed. surely that kind of God’s management would be proper and perfect. Even there is no complications to accept that kind of omnipotent and all-knowing God. But to accept the kind of omnipotent God, the foremost problem will arise that if that god present is everywhere and all-knowing then he is compassionate or not. Why he gives sorrow to anyone? Now if we consider that we suffer due to our work [deed], Then who will believe on God as omnipotent. If surely I would to suffer by fruit of my precious sin deep then what is God for? I can accept God as omnipotent where if I touch fire he should let me feel cool. Then no need of cooler, ac, freeze etc…Because just pray to God and feel cool and touching to ice should feel like hot. But these things we don’t found. The world is managed naturally and is self- operated. The fires nature is burning and Ice nature is coolness, it’s an ultimate law of nature.

Even on the behalf of lord Krishna conveyed his message in the Bhagavad Gītā that….Hey Arjuna! “I didn’t create the world, Nobody makes this whole world, neither this world is work of anybody, nor someone is doer of the world. The Universe is operated naturally by itself.”

Every single principle is self-driven as per their nature of the particular component. No need of anybody to manage the regulation. Here nobody exists who made law of nature. It’s self-driven, eternal and clean by nature. Every single law is clear like fire’s nature is hot and if I put hand on fire, it will surely burn everbody similarly whether he/she is kid, older, younger, wise men, poor and rich. It is global and Everlasting nature of fire.

Even Now curiosity as it is remained. When the whole visible world is self-operated and based on nature then what is the significance of God in our life. Hence, do we disclaim the existence of the God? Just like a philosopher “Nitsey” considered that God is no more, he is finished. Do we should also accept that here is no existence of God? No existence of Supreme Being? Now we have to concentrate on the diversities been shown in support of God. So now see that God is just like a perfect light and just pure mirror. And what is the operation of light? Operation of the sun is to rise and spread light throughout world. Whoever open their doors accordingly light of sun would enter and whoever closed their doors light will not enter. But light can only reflect the things and it is our duty to identify the objects accordingly and to bring them before light so that ut can reflect similarly, God can spread light but God won’t say that It is a Car, it is a tree and so on. The God just like light can reflect every component of the world but it’s our responsibility to understand the diversities with reason. His role is just to illuminate the diversities without bias but it’s upon us to understand the proper meaning. As if we look our face in the mirror and found anything wrong so we wash our face. So here the problem is not in mirror, it’s just pure. Same as God’s just reflects the truth whosoever comes in front.