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Heart Farms contains exclusive Blockchain technology from Telos technology. a complete smart contracting platform from Turing, processing "no charge" transactions that require minimal overhead.

At Heart Farms, users are currently participating in our virtual land auction, which allows you to purchase and transact NFT gaming land. a connection system or relationship between pairs that increases trust in the relationships of the game participants.

Blockchain video games are a very dynamic market, with great potential and that has economic value. We want the same in this juice created by the executives of HeartChurch, Some games created on the blockchain will generate income of dollars around the world in the year 2022, that is why we encourage the entire community of our beloved HeartChurch church and also everyone players who also want to join this wonderful game, which will be released shortly.

In this way, Heart Farms , on the one hand, offers the possibility of exchanging digital assets between the different games, and on the other, they allow bartering of said assets between players. that is why it is designed with different NTF actives.

In Heart Farms the owner of digital elements (lands, parcels of land, units of Heart Tokens, and of course each farmer can choose between the avatars available)

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Hope this one will go somewhere it does have potential.

I hope to see you there, when the game starts. my friend

Getting more interesting

Thanks, I hope you can buy your plot in HF

 3 years ago 

You’re doing wonderfully well brother marcelo182

I’ve acquired some parcels of land, I hope it’ll become cheaper for new members to be able to acquire.

Thanks! There will probably be some offers on the new land that will be released on October 23

@marcelo182 , help me to be successful in this steemit, especially give me knowledge, how can I collect SP in my steemit, it's so hard for me to get SP ..?

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