Let's vote for Daily telos Block Producer

in HeartChurch4 months ago


Validate transactions

They do this by collecting the transactions on the network, creating blocks and broadcasting them to the other BPs.

Provide network security

Implement new software updates.

Keep a private testnet, for them to test the new codes to be released, and a public testnet, available for the development and testing of Dapps.

Perform crucial governance roles

Such as acting when another BP commits an infraction, such as treating some preferential transaction. The BPs together must vote on the penalty to be applied, which will be automatically implemented by the blockchain.
Implement additional operating regulations for the blockchain, as long as they do not go against the established agreements.

Monitor the RAM usage of DApps, adding more when needed

With this system, they help balance the availability of RAM, thus avoiding hoarding or speculation of its value.

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