Heart-Farms: Chrysolite Mountains

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Chrysolite is a very widespread mineral, it is found in many countries, and why not also find it in the Heart-Farms metaverse? This map full of very interesting plots and areas is full of frozen Mountains, full of snow. long-distance roads, roadside cabins, and some nearby towns. where of course there will be many shops near the highways.

These lands will have huge roads to reach the most icy areas of the mountains.

I love the name Chrysolite because it is a mineral that can have various shades of green, although it can also be yellow, brownish, or greenish-black. Transparent or translucent, and can be found in our mountains.

A path that the further up and away you are, the colder the weather will be.


Two beautiful villages, surrounded by beautiful mountains, with many trees around and enough water to harvest! can you imagine a place like this?

The creators of this game, @Darlenys01, @Crypto-investor, say that there is a high probability that this Friday, July 23, he will be online and ready to sell his plots at the best price.

Important information:
This map is not finished. some parts will be added before posting like snow and roads.

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Good work, Daniel.

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