Heart Farms, dreaming of a new world

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The creators of the game that is giving what to talk about on the blockchain, must be proud, from the mastermind who had the first idea, from the programmers, designers. I am happy and eager for this beautiful game to begin.

In the game Heart Farms we will be landowners, and what we will do with these lands, in reality the creators and masterminds have not said much about it, but I have the suspicion that they are lands where it will be cultivated and farms will be able to be created. cheers to the masterminds of this game, @Crypto-investor and @Darlenys01

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The game will be released this year I only say it for those who did not know, although it is believed that they will continue to update every year.

According to the creators they say that it will have characters and the truth is that this has me excited. I have no idea what my character will be like, I hope he's very handsome like me. hahahaha


I have read on social media that Heart Farms virtual auctions continue this May 14th. Region # 5

The name of the land is Silverton Strait. and will be open for sale. at 15:45 UTC time and the last 4 weeks.

This gives me some time to rush to buy some Heart Tokens.

You want to buy some plots, come and enter the link on the day of the sale:

Silverton Strait

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