An approach to the future of Telos Technology

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Telos blockchain is already beginning to produce very important changes in the form of interaction between products, people, services, and companies, certainly not the only one. The financial sector and the applications currently created as Daily Telos A newspaper created for the easy management of daily information, And Heart Farms; a game that will revolutionize the field of agriculture and virtual land ownership, with infinite possibilities in mini- games and prizes at NTF. all this through contracts smart.
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The Possibilities of using blockchain to authenticate before the vehicle. It definitely does pose dramatic changes in the way that companies interact with their customers, in product development, and even in the same internal dynamics of organizations and communities. For all the above, this Telos technology represents significant potential to modify the way we what organizations work and how we will interact with their products and services.

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Telos technology is a new way of interacting. And I want to refer to the new exclusive applications of the same technology, which allow a commonplace for different actors on the Internet have the same vision. The buyer, seller, and probably the bank of each of them see exactly the same base of data. I use the analogy with the “fisherman's net”. Telos technology is a communications network with resilience, equivalent to the network of aqueduct or electric power. Cutting a thread does not harm the network. The weakness at this moment they are the centralized sites, the nodes in which the centralized information.





buenas noches estimado @marcelo182, como puedo abrir mi cuenta de telos? como obtengo los fondos para subastar en Hearthfarms?

Estimado, unete a y alli podemos ayudarte

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