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Transformed minds

Good evening to the entire community, I greet you, hoping that you are all very well, I want to briefly share this short reflection entitled deformed minds, I would like everyone to express a personal opinion on the subject, what if we open a public debate?.

Each human being is unique, it is so much so that even the genetic code is unique, their fingerprints will never be the same, do we then have the same thoughts? Surely everyone will know that no, the most difficult question is to find someone who thinks the same as another, that is to say that they share the same ideology, regardless of what they want to consider, any area of ​​life needs a concept by which it is conceived. For example, there are those who like music, mechanics, economics, but others find it irrelevant. Why does this happen? It happens that some take some things and others take others, thus forming a kind of mentality.

Entrepreneurs embrace the fundamentals of the economy, investment, capital, finance, profits, expenses and income, but they do not focus on politics but there are those who do, having said that then their minds are transformed by their passions and personal desires, a A person is a resource with a mind, a mind is a field to plant, only you have to decide what seed to sow in that field. Something particular happens, when we expose ourselves to some source that disturbs our convictions and if we let that affect us, then it will happen that our minds will progressively change, it will no longer be a stable mind but a mind deformed.

The human being will always have the fight to receive in his mind, around there is an unstoppable ocean of ideas, the world more and more variant tries to forge us with its tendencies, the individual will undoubtedly take some option, only that it depends on his discernment of evil and Of the good, the dangerous thing is that the bad is called good, and the bad good, inversely proportional. We must always evaluate what we are living and in what environment to take care not to naively embrace foundations that go against morals, good customs but above all the healthy word of God.

There is an exercise that can be done and we will surely observe it more carefully, it is to take two twins and separate them by raising them in different places, being the same physically, if we bring them together after several years, there we will see what each one will reflect as a result of decisions, discipline at home, things like differences in speech, eating and spiritual habits will be seen. Now the Christian must be transformed by the Bible, the word of God that guides us to all truth, acquiring the necessary wisdom with the full knowledge of who Christ is for us, what we should do and be spokespersons for that preaching for the formation of all.

Philippians 4: 8
Old Reina-Valera
8 For the rest, brothers, everything that is true, everything honest, everything just, everything pure, everything lovable, everything that is of good name; If there is any virtue, if there is any praise, think of this.

Let the word of God transform us forever, the Lord help us, I have not reached this point yet, I have a long way to go but in that fight we are, failing but rising up with the strength of God who puts the will as the do for your goodwill, let's move forward my brothers because we are not alone.


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