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Fulfillment Is different from happiness. It's that inward feeling that comes with peace of mind when you have rightfully gained an achievement.

Some people are wealthy yet unfulfilled vice versa. So it has nothing to do with material possessions. It is a spiritual virtue can comes from the depth of your heart..
Making more money, getting married, taking vacations, and engaging in various area of life as good as it may be might seem to create fulfilment but it does not if you do it outside God and outside your God given purpose.

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It's been said out loud that the secret behind happiness and sense of fulfilment is wealth and making as much money as you can acquire.
That could but to an extent.

The wealthiest and wisest man that existed in earth called Solomon in Ecl 12 began to outline to us the essence of his life pursuit and he Drew a conclusion that all was vanity upon vanity. That means that his wealth and acquisitions didn't give him the sense of fulfilment he was looking for..
I have seen wealthy people who are happy but yet unfulfilled.

What can give one fulfilment

Man was designed never to find fulfilment outside His no matter what he posseses, his societal achievements and personal accomplishments ...

Fulfilment is simply created when one Discovers and stays on his God given purpose, and is been sustained by the spirit and presence of the most high God..

This is my thought


Ofcourse true hapiness does not come from material possession you are very correct in your thinking.

Nice post

Thanks slot brother

You are welcum

You're right... There's success and real success.

I appreciate sister.. Thanks for reading my post

Hi @godsbest,

You have really written a nice piece.Fulfilment outside God is tantamount to nothing because even when we get money,we always want more and more(not fulfilled).

Thank you for educating us.


I appreciate brotherly..
thanks for stopping bye

Hmm... That's just it. Staying on one's purpose brings fulfilment.

That's right . Purpose is the only state of fulfilment

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