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I am called @godsbest Boniface. it's always an amazing experience posting in this community knowing its a community that promotes the faith. My mentor once mentioned to me that the gospel of not taken to the net will fail. That the greatest platform for the gospel to be preached is online and I agree with that..

Me preaching the gospel


Different people have different things they call hobby.To me my hobby rallies around things that create room for self improvement like reading and thinking(meditating)
One of the greatest things I live is actually preaching the gospel.
Jesus in Matthew 28 gave us the great commission as an assignment all flesh must accomplish and am doing my best to complete my quota of the job.


I'm a Nigerian single pastor. Completing my first missionary journey to the land of Enugu Nigeria.
It's an honour as I find it fit to work in the vainyard of the lord. I'm single and not searching but will soon get married in no distant time. I trust that the faithfulness I display in ministry now will usher me knot greater levels of ministry.
#Why I joined this community
I found out that it's a community where I can post what Pertains to the faith life and get compensated for it. And it becomes my best community on Steemit.


I believe that achievement of purpose can be said to be when you can comfortably do a job without collecting money for it.. And the passion for the work is greater than any kind of frustration that can come your way.
It's an honour joining this platform where I get to share the experience I have been having and get rewarded for it at the end of the day.

Thanks for reading my brief introduction.

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Welcome to our community, to be a member you must join the activities of HeartCHurch, and be updated in the feed.

OK how do I enroll @darlenys01

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The virtual land auction has already started, don't miss out on yours.

Am really sorry but I don't have a good knowledge of this.. Pls how do I get good knowledge about this

Thank you so much @booming

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