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When I saw this picture posted by a friend on Facebook my heart was indeed broken.
The Bible says in psalms 118:17 that you shall live and declare the works of the lord in your life.

  1. I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.
Below is a short story, read through.

She was a good woman, everyone that came in contact with her had beautiful things to say about her.
Her husband sang her praises at the gate.
Her children never seize to talk about her in the village.
The villagers were not left out, they had a whole lot of encomium to pour on her.
The church said they will be selfish if they will keep mute they had no other option than to join the queue.

As times went on, all her children became prominent at their own level.
One being self confident not relying on the other or being a nuisance to another, they all had good conduct and behavior.

One day one of her daughters wanted getting married, when all was set for the marriage this good woman of Zion fell ill.
No one could help her.
All drugs and medications were given to her being that her children were all well to do.
Her loving husband tried all he could but it was all abortive.
The villagers and the Church did their best, but it saddens me that this wonder woman of Zion closed her eyes to death.
She died at the verge of her success.
She was cut short unexpectedly.
The whole community cried.
Some even rain curses on the accompliance of such evil but was to no avail.

This loving woman took care of her children. She was the family's coverage being that her husband wasn't working.
No one knew about her husband's joblessness, because she was indeed good at covering him up.

Now she is being taken away.
Taken away from the fruit of labour she would have enjoyed having suffered so much to bring up her family.
She died at the verge of her success.
It breaks My heart to see her go😭😭

May this never be our portion.
As a mother and as a father may you never suffer to train your children yet died at the time you would enjoyed their money or wealth or partake in their success story.
As a child may you never died at the verge of your success story there by leaving your parents, siblings, family to cry on your behalf.

May God avert such.
If the animal (chickens) in the picture above could wail and cry for their mother how much more we humans. It's never and experience anyone should have. Its really a sad experience.
I wouldn't even pray such for my enemy.

May God help us, Amen and Amen.

I am


Thanks for engaging my blog, I am grateful.

Do have a nice weekend ahead of you from Nigeria.
Happy weekend

 3 years ago 

Sad picture!

Thanks for the message anyway.

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