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Whatever you do, work willingly, as for the Lord and not as for anyone in this world, knowing that the Lord will reward you with the inheritance. You serve Christ the Lord.
Colossians 3:23-24

God bless your lives heartchurch community. Today I share the following writing titled: THE WORKER'S HAND PROSPER

The world economy is sustained by the economic activity that is carried out everywhere. A country that generates economic activity every day will very easily prosper, advance, produce new projects to enrich its nation and its inhabitants.
The same thing happens at home, every day work is required to provide comfort, food, clothing, studies and everything necessary to the members of a family.

Working with our hands allows us to prosper and obtain the things that we want and that we also need. On the other hand, who is lazy to work is very difficult to prosper.

The secret of prosperity is in the diligence with the work we do with our hands.

I know that there is nothing better for man than to rejoice and do good while he lives; and I also know that it is a gift from God that man eat or drink and enjoy all his efforts.
Ecclesiastes 3:12-13

Every labor has its gain, every labor has its reward. Working hard has its positive effects on the goals and projects of families and nations.

Offering prosperity without effort is a lie, the secret of prosperity is found in hard work.
Jesus, the Son of God, while on earth dedicated himself to carpentry, the apostles dedicated many to fishing, others exercised professions such as medicine and tax collection.

The Apostle Paul himself is an example that with his hands he worked so as not to be burdensome to the church.

Work will bring reward from him. Today I pray for every man, woman, young and old who goes out every day to fight and work for the well-being of his family and the nation where he lives.



True. Trusting God doesn't mean not working, except He does restrain one from doing so.

Great post!

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