Pray until something happens

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"Prayer moves the hand that moves the world" (John Wallace).

A certain woman had been bitter in her soul. She was gravely mocked and and sorely grieved. She soon became a spectator or life, even her own life.

She watched her life grow more uninteresting as it washed away like an abandoned soap at the river Bank. Even the shooting and reassuring words of her husband couldn't help matters.

Every thing failed and she did not know what to do. So she did what she knew, she turned to the only one who could understand her agony. She prayed to God. Then her relief came.

The woman in question is HANNAH, the once barren wife of ELKANAH JEROHAM, who later gave birth to Samuel, a great prophet in the history of Israel.

There is no degree of grief heaven lacks relief for. God has given us this privilege to call on him in times of trouble but unfortunately, many are not taking advantage of this privilege.

Many of the heart-breaking challenges we face at work, in our families and in our relationships can be arrested through prayers.

God is interested in every aspect of your life from your family to your profession. Dr. Ben Carson (pediatric neuro-surgeon) in his book, Gifted hands, confesses; "I always pray before any of the operations".

Little wonder, in September 1987,he became one of the few surgeons in the world to successfully separate conjoined twins. Testimonies like this will make you share the opinion of the great English poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson who said, "more things are wrought by prayer than this world Drea. Of". Without doubt, prayer works wonders.

Don't let that relationship challenge weigh you down. Don't stuff yourself with the memories of your repeated failures. Don't be threatened by the ticking of your biological clock because you are not yet married.

Pick up your faith and make that call to God. Whatever your request maybe, I join my faith with yours to call it done.

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