New week prophetic declaration

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*I Prophecy throughout this week, you will have testimonies of favour.

I call forth your helpers to you. You will be helped and heavily assisted in every areas of your life and family in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!

You've labored all your life, this is your YEAR of returns!

All that are incensed against you shall be ASHAMED and CONFOUNDED in the Name of Jesus Christ!

Somebody is changing levels now!

What others sweat to get, will come to you as the dream of the night!

I pray that the zeal of the lord consumes your life!

Recieve your miracle wife, husband, babies, promotions, jobs, breakthroughs in Jesus' name!

As you step out of this week, favour will be running after you and overtake you!

Begin to see breakthroughs on every side.

Your struggles must end finally this month!

As the Lord liveth, this day marks the turning point in areas of your life!

Every marital misfortune, I command them overturned by God's favor!

Throughout this week, everyday is declared a day of favour for you, text messages of favours, calls of favour, letters of favour in the name of Jesus!

Go in peace and come back rejoicing!

*I celebrate you. I love you so much. You are one person that matters most us.


Happy Sunday everyone!!!.

Good morning all

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