It's my mum's Diamond Jubilee birthday anniversary. Happy birthday mum

in HeartChurch3 years ago


I am celebrating someone so special to me, someone so dear to my heart. My sweet mum. Celebrating 60 years on earth is not joke at all and I give all glory to God Almighty for her life. I thank God for another opportunity given to her to celebrate another year on earth.

She is a great woman of Honour, a good wife and a loving mother. This special day can't go uncelebrated. She has served God with her life and she is still doing the work of God. She is a great role model.


She is the third person I'm celebrating this month after my daughter and my father. I already told you all that February is always celebration month in my family.


My sweet mother, I pray you will celebrate many more year on earth in good health and wealth in Jesus name. I pray she will eat the fruits of her labor and God will make her heart desires come to pass.

I pray she will be happy for the rest of her life and God will grant her peace of mind. I pray as she continues to grow in year so will the Grace of God continue to grow in her life.


Wish you a super duper 60th Birthday.

Thanks for Dropping By !

Best regards




Happy born day sister. Do soar higher in the LORD, nothing do you. CONGRATULATIONS.

Thank you brother

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