Grace, God's grace

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When talking about God's grace, it's beyond human reason, its something that only God Himself understand how it works. God's grace has nothing to do with your background, your education, your worth, your status, your personality, your gender, your age nor your qualification. God grace supercede all of this.


Let me give you a little story about God's grace.

I used to work in a particular company as a contract staff, in this company, the permanent staff usually use and maltreat all contract staff as if we arè slaves, atimes, we are push to do work that wasn't even planned by the management of the company. Among the contract staff in this company, there is a particular guy in the Engineering department, the junior permanent staff he works under always give him numerous task, he was been used as if he was their slave.

This contract staff guy has BS.c in Engineering but due to the situation of no job opportunity in the country, he had to manage with what he is doing. He has been working as a contract staff in this company for over 5years and been maltreated by mostly junior permanent staff. On a very fateful day that God's grace will find him, he was invited for an interview in the same company to be promoted into a staff, after the interview which went successfully, he was not just employed as a staff into that company but he was employed as a senior staff.

See how God's grace work. All the junior permanent staff that has used and maltreated him over the years now work under him, he became their boss automatically. So beloved, when the grace of God is working for you, all protocol are been suspended, you will look like a world champion and mind you, the grace of God is always unlimited.

I charge you today that whenever you pray, always pray and ask for God's grace for your life because with God's grace, you can do absolutely anything, with God's grace, you can attain any greater height, with God's grace, the impossible can become possible. God bless you.


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