Our father

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Every parent want what is Good for their children, no matter how hard the parents maybe they want what is Good for their children. Our father in heaven loves us so much but our sin is what blocking his love.

Just like every other parent, he has plans for us, he want us to follow his path because his plan are not just an ordinary plan, they are perfect plans. All parents are used to promising their kids when they want them to meet some certain needs, The Bible is full of promises if we can just obey his commandment.

Luke 1:48
48 For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.

We can gain all this blessing only if we can conquer the flesh, only if we defeat the Satan but you cannot do this on your own you need the full support of the father which is Jesus, our sins are what what stopping us from all blessings because his promises are ye and amen and nothing can change it.

We are lost when we are not with him, is like having a father that has it all but we don't do not remember where we came from because we are enjoying our worldly life, we are given stone by Satan to collect diamonds from us.

Beloved, let us stay away from sin to claim all what is ours from God, our inheritance, they are ours only if we can stay away from sin. Sin is the only thing between us and God. Let us stay away from it. I pray God will help us to defeat skin in the mighty name of Jesus.


Stay healthy.
Stay save.

Thanks for your time.