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Deuteronomy 32: 1-4
32 Listen, heavens, and I will speak;
Let the earth hear the sayings of my mouth.
2 My teaching will drip like rain;
My reasoning will distill like dew;
Like the drizzle on the grass,
And like drops on the grass;
3 For I will proclaim the name of Jehovah.
Magnify our God.
4 He is the Rock, whose work is perfect,
Because all his ways are rectitude ...


This passage describes a beautiful song by Moses where the Lord is designated as the rock the symbol of stability and firmness which highlights an honorable title where the eternal and invariable nature of the God of covenant is highlighted

Moses through this song exhorts the people of Israel and urges them to hear the sayings of his mouth where he highlights nature and its effects to proclaim and magnify the name of Jehovah because Israel had been ungrateful to God rejecting his love and his authority because Israel abandoned the author of creation and scorned the foundation of their salvation

Israel was subjected to the idolatry of the world as well as part of humanity today is submerged in idolatry rejecting the love that God offers him through his word but he never surrenders God is always interested in drawing the attention of humanity through of his word to extend his love and extend his mercy to his creation.

Just as Moses did through this song, today there is a conglomerate of people who also raise their voices through different means to warn the world of their rejection of God and the urgent need to seek Him.

Today we are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to tell the world that only in Christ is there security that only he is the rock of stability for the world and its vicissitudes.

God cares for you for me for all he longs for you to rest in him with the best care because he longs for you to rest in the care with which God nurtures you because he is the strong rock the only true one that can offer you what the world I would never offer you...




There is no security by any means except by the name of Jesus, which is the ROCK.!!

He Protects; He Provides ; He Preserves, but only through FAITH and Confession of Him as the Saviour

The World need Jesus Now more than ever before!

Thanks @darleyne01 for this exhortation.

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