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One of the things that I have always thanked God for having is a spirit always inclined to the truth, to be sincere, of course it is not about being perfect but if we believe in Jesus, we must know that the father of lies is Satan.

It is that hypocrisy is part of our days, people who find it difficult to tell the truth, Jesus is the truth and life expressed it that way, if we are his followers then that beauty of holiness and truth must rest in each one of us.

I believe that everything lies in a struggle in what we want to have, in envy, the love of money, control and power, when we must understand that God is the owner of everything, even of life and it is enough with what he order to act.


Sincerity is a value and so we must instill it in our children, the truth will always remain above the lie. God wants us to be sincere and to repent of our sins. Sincerity means wanting the truth so much that you will keep it even when it exposes you to be wrong. Jesus created his kingdom in such a way that it includes all sincerity and excludes all that is insincere.

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied." Matthew 5: 6

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." Matthew 5: 8

“The Christian must manifest himself authentic, truthful, sincere in all his works. His
conduct must reveal a spirit: the
of Christ. If anyone has in this world
the obligation to be consistent,
is the Christian, because he has received in deposit, to make that gift bear fruit, the
truth that liberates, that saves.“



As they say over there sister. "Christ died for the truth." but it is very true, the truth sets us free ... lies plunge us into a sea of ​​deceptions and falsehoods, as good followers of Jesus and children of God we must maintain our conduct as closely as possible to the pleasure of the spirit and the grace of God. This theme is always good to touch and reinforce. Blessings.

To be sincere in all we do, makes one a straight forward person and guilty free. Thanks for sharing, My spirit get uplifted with this beautiful articles.

Truly been humble and truthful is very nessesary, but today it's difficult to fine any of this in the life of a Christian 😭.

I pray God help me to live accordingly, thanks for sharing 🙏, this is food for thought

It is very good to be sincere and truthful in anything you do because one day you will account for what you did here on earth. And I pray God gives me grace to live truthful and trustworthy for him. Lovely post @darlenys01

Very true words, he who lies has no love for his neighbor, the love of money or ambition for power leads him not only to lie and be hypocritical but to plan all kinds of evils to get what he wants without caring who he hurts. The one who loves God practices the truth, this is a biblical commandment "speak truth each one with his neighbor". The truth is so pure that Christ said I am The Truth, in this we know who our Father is, whether we lie or speak the truth.

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