Heart Farms - Dev Update 01-16-2022

in HeartChurch2 years ago (edited)

In this video, I do a quick update of progress on Heart Farms and discuss some of the technical details of the game being built on Telos.

 2 years ago 

Excellent video !!!

Hello @cryto-investor

This video is not available to me or the link is broken?


 2 years ago 

I fixed the link. Old video was replaced.

Good day! Now I can see the video, thanks for fixing it.

I have shared it on Twitter, I help promote everything that HeartChurchr works on, HeartFarms is a very promising game and I have high hopes for the success of the game, thanks for building it.

HeartFarms farms promises to be a fun game with many features. Excellent work friend.

 2 years ago 


Great development and initiative also thanks to the heart church community forghis wonderful program put in place for us and for sure it will be a fun and very interesting activity to take part in as well

Glad to see the development

Good vídeo. My friend

Good development.

Importante, ¿hay forma de oírlo en español?

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