The neccesity of Rank

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Just as the Bible saids- And they sat down in ranks, by hundreds and by fifties (Mark 6:40). Food was insufficient for the multitude. Exactly Five thousand men not without their women and children.

Now check this👇

  • To make the insufficient sufficient Jesus applied the law of order.

  • He segmented the people in ranks.

  • Rank means class, level and status.

  • Hierarchy is of God.

  • Nothing works where hierarchy is not respected.

If Jesus commanded the multitude to sit in ranks to share bread it means that some things will never go round or well until ranks are respected.

MY heart breaks with the level of disorder we see today.

I was opportune to board a flight where the airline insisted minors must come first before adults. Some things should start from theleast and some from the top to work.

Until this is done, some systems, organizations, nation's will never see progress.

Not Everything must start from the top or bottom. Things should start and finish neither from the divide sector according to the situation on ground.

Nothing works where ranks are not respected. Jesus said- The children first be filled: (Mark 7:27). Never eat the food belonging to the Children and expect their respect. I believe that Jesus Neve ate until the multitude was filled.

Leadership that does not consider ranks will loose the respect of her followers and followers that has no respect for leaders will loose the care of the leaders.

-and the Bible saids: they shall not break their ranks: (Joel 2:7).

Giving respect for rank is the identity of the end time army. If you can't respect your superiors or show compassion on your subordinates you are not in the end time army.

Despite the result you push the person you once called Daddy or Mummy cannot and would not call you Daddy or Mummy.

See how pride has created into your head that you can no more respect the people you once respected. for me, I will always see you and address you as a father not minding my result if I have ever seen you as a father, I don't know for you.

Do not ever break the rank or else, you will loose your rank.

I respect you and I love you all

Respect to my superiors @infovore @davidad @dobartim @xpilar @stephenkendal @udibekwe @papa-pepper


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