The Midwive's Celebration, always in our heart

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And it came to pass because the midwives fears God, that He made them houses. (Exod 1:22 KJV).Bible source

Pharaoh commanded that all male children vlbe killed at birth just to keep Israelites from multiplying and waxing strong, but the midwives choose to honour God rather than obey pharaoh and this attracted God's blessings to them.

In verse 16 Pharaoh said to the midwives "when ye do the office of a midwife to the Hebrew women, and see them upon the stools; if it be a son, then he shall kill him..."Bible source

Word of faith to all Midwives!👇

Dear Midwife, there is an office you occupy. A midwife is a gatekeeper, Manning the entrance into this part of life. When the enemy is waiting for the arrival of a great destiny very well, the creator of that life is watching from above and there is a household blessings He is preparing for you, only of your fear Him.

God bless You all!

No Child should die at birth as a result of carelessness and no mother should loose her life because of lack of sensitivity. The arriving child may be the answer to the cry of his or her generation, that is why God has placed you in that office.

I pray for grace and wisdom as you discharge your duties as a midwife.

Office of midwife!
Save destiny!
save lives!

Happy International Midwive's Day to all the Midwive's all over the world🌍.

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