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Hello steemians.

I bring you another edition of the word of God today

"No man's cross can save him. No matter your fasting prowess, prayer ability, let all lie low when you stand before God.
_Chike Tony

Genesis 8:20-22: God began to restore order, and preserves the race after the sacrifice of Noah was offered.

  • Prayer Point: Father whatsoever is not in order in my life be reversed in the name of Jesus.

What we are learning is the principles of the Kingdom.

2Kings 4:1-2

Satisfaction as being a Christian is not enough. This generation is demanding a debt we owe. What is the demand over my life in this generation? Is there anything Heaven is counting on you? The creditors are people around you, people who are close and live with you.

There is a task over my head. There are people that will never go to heaven except I help them. Everyone has a field to cultivate.

  • What do you have inside of you? Do you have anything at all that is saleable? You must discover what you have, to help your generation. If you don't know what you have, and don't place any value on what you have, you're not ready to face your generation.
    _ Ifeanyi Okeke

If you have something, you won't live the way you're living. You haven't placed any value on what he has giving you? Don't you have care that the world is going down? If you don't rise up, we are finished! If God will do anything at all, he will breathe on people that have something.

Exodus 4:2: Moses never placed any importance to what he had in His hand. He never knew that the rod is a spiritual rod, where many signs and wonders were done through his hand.


Have you neglected His name? Is His name of no effect on your lips?
Your faith in the name of Jesus does wonders. The name Jesus is an ultimate miracle.

  1. Whenever you pray in the name of Jesus, the prayer leaves you and enters the hands of Jesus; He then presents it to the Father, and God sees it as though the prayers are from Christ.

  2. Put the name of Jesus into practice. Nothing would be giving you except it comes through the name. Don't try, put it to practice. In this Kingdom, a trial will not work, it is the name you put into practice that works.

Acts 3:6; Philippians 2:9; Ephesians 2:6; Psalm 2:6-7; Psalm 110:1-2; Hebrews 1:13;2:7-9

"The mountain Christians have is the mountain of ignorance. You are a heavenly police and your job is to make sure that wherever you are, all things MUST be under Jesus".
_ Ifeanyi Okeke


Thanks for your time and reading through.



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