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It is a saying that a lot of people usually say that salvation is free. While this is true in the light of the fact that no one can pay for the salvation the Lord Jesus offers, the reality is that Jesus already paid for it on our behalf. So, we would not be wrong if we say salvation isn't free after all. Also, it isn't free due to the fact that recipients too have a token to offer in receiving eternal life, as we will see today.

In Matthew 13:45-46, the Lord describes how wonderful the Kingdom of God is, by comparing it to what a rich man had to sell all his wealth for. In Matthew 5:29-30, the Lord Jesus explained how vital it is to gain entrance into the Kingdom of God by telling us that we stay away with anything that would disqualify us from entering into God’s presence, even if it is our eye.

Today, some believers are very careless with things of Heaven. So a lot of individuals trivialize sin and the danger it is capable of wreaking on their souls. The Lord Jesus calls us into free salvation. This is the cost of eternal life which is meekness. Jesus Christ also said that blessed are people who hunger and thirst after righteousness and there is certainly no doubt are the costs of discipleship that we must pay to get the free salvation that offers eternal life.

If you want eternal life, you must bear the cost although Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price. It is unfortunate today, some leaders in the Church are encouraging their members to be comfortable with sin. You must stay away from those kinds of people. Today is the day of salvation, and today is the right time. Make your way right with the Lord now.

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