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Nothing tangible can be accomplished in a wrong environment, company, family, or mind. This is why peace is very vital. Some components can assure peace in the life of a person, especially a child of God, and the first is true salvation. Sin brought about the problems that humanity experienced right from the Garden of Eden.

So, whoever wants peace must seek the Lord Jesus who is the Prince of Peace. Jesus even said that those who are heavily laden should come to Him and He will give them rest.

Being born again is good but it is important to learn that way of the Lord. Another thing important we must learn is contentment. A lot of individuals lack peace just because they are not content with what they have.

Sadly, a lot of so-called children are guilty of this; they dabble in some evil acts just to gain worldly things, Christians must beware!. As good as the wealth of this world is, it doesn't satisfy. We can get contentment by just enjoying the blessings of the Lord as they come and giving glory to Him for them.

In Philippians 4:5-6, we see other components necessary to receive peace. You have to be moderate in your way of life, without being worried about anything. You must also learn to surrender your problems to the Lord because He is capable to take them up for you.

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