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Hi to all steemian fellows . Hope you will fine by the grace of Allah Almighty . I am also fine Alhamdulilah. Today , i will submit my homework of professor @yohan2on "Blockchain video games-Play and earn crypto". So lets discuss about this lecture.



What's all about Blockchain Cuties Universe?


We can say that The blockchain cuties universe Collective cryptography game. In this game you can play with different types of animals as like puppies, lizards, cats, puppies, lizards, bear cubs, and others, real and fantasy. This game has very interesting features. This game has many dynamic actions and battles that are being developed and extended. This can be played as follows: to defeat powerful bosses in a group with other players, or to fight other players on adventure sites. Blockchain cutties Universe is a game made using 5 different blockchains. The blockchains used to develop Cutties Universe are Ethereum, Tron, Nine, EOS, and Metric Blockchain. This game has a lot of potential because it has more than one blockchain used to build it.
There are some very unique actions that are usually done in the blockchain cutties universe game. In these activities, commercial jewelry and weapons are collected, and a variety of foods are produced. Developing a comprehensive recovery strategy is very important and useful. This helps users to have more fun and experience the game and you will enjoy many benefits. In addition to engaging in the creation of transactions and communities, it provides exciting dynamism for consumers, as users can buy or sell any NFT slice like a regular cryptocurrency in blockchain.
Cutties blockchain game was released in 2018. The world called Cutties is a beautiful world called Pettyland. This world is based on four different journeys, there are some powerful and luxurious magicians who are more subtle than the burden.


Now talk about features of the game?


Features can also be called characteristics. ERC21 tokens use blockchain assemblies. It is an Ethereum network and has many features that play a key role in the game. Blockchain Cutties is a unique and reliable universe that is a collection game In which consumers enjoy the adventures of cute pets backed. All the cuties are made up from the different attributes.

My Cutties:

new cuties.png
The role is such that it empowers you and helps the wizards to move forward and become stronger like Tribute Crafting, Season and Ride Boss, etc.


The character is such that it gives strength and also helps the cuties to move forward In addition, levels 1-12 include breeding. Measures the level of power, attack, defensive theft. We can see two status We have a normal and dignified status. As unique as we are, we have the casual, tribute and unique costumes you see in the picture below. Elements consists of many different features. (Fire air, groundwater and energy.



You will need to play the game and attain some user experience.


To visit click on ( then click on start playing.

After clicking on start playing you will see login or sign up menu.


Scroll donw and click on sign up:


Then it will ask to you e.mail and password after putting that click on create account.


Now it will ask to you to choose cute option (New wallet or tron link) If we have not wallet before this then we have to select the left sided Tron option.


Then i will ask to you menomanic phrase put them on wright place to login new wallet:


Then enter your password:


After putting password it took me to blockchain cuties homepage:

new cuties.png

The blockchain cuties give a pet for the user for a preview or tutorial to practice with. Now i am obtaining the pet.


After obtaining i will scroll down and see the option send on an adventure:


Now see the place where we want to send the adventure. click on "send on an adventure".


After sending the place , now we see the battle report:


I sent my cute pet back to an adventure:



Now here is my pet report detail:



Your review should be balanced (talk about the Positive and Negative sides of the game)?


Everything in the world has some advantages and disadvantages. As like others here are some positive and negative impacts are follows:


  1. We can start our business by play games, even if we spend a lot of time, but it is worth it because there is an income that we will be able to earn.
  2. As we discuss already Game works on 5 different blockchain networks like (Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Matic and NEO)
  3. I think this is very best feature of the game according to me that Blockchain Cuties Universe also has its own BCUG token.
  4. It is very easy to use.
  5. We can use its token for trading. We can buy and sell these token and it may prove for us profitable.


  1. The revenue we can generate is not high and the sales letter takes a long time.
  2. Between each fight, the waiting time in this game should be shorter for the players to return to the game.
  3. I think there should be interaction between the pet and the user.
  4. There is no reality in the game it is only game.


What’s your rating for the game on a scale of 5?


If some one says to me to rate the blockchain cuties universe, I will rate them 3 out of 5. Because there is big reason for doing this that Between each fight, the waiting time in this game is time taking and it should be shorter for the players to return to the game. The blockchain cuties game doesn't look real.
I think many people will give negative marks about this game. Attention or focus, what you can watch or watch the game, there is always excitement while playing. This seems basic.


Blockchain Cutties Universe is a good option to increase our investment. It is very important to make people happy with the game because the main thing is to make the players happy, but since blockchain games are developing, we have to be patient and wait for the results.
Thank you so much professor @yohan2on for the above interesting lecture.


Good explanation of your assignment.

Respected first thank you very much for taking interest in SteemitCryptoAcademy
Season 3 | intermediate course class week 4

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