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hello friends i greet you all after studying the home beginner course of task by professor @wahyunahrul . i choose to answer the question below

3). If you were a dApps developer, what kind of dApps would you like to create? Give reasons why you want to create these dApps. What are the steps you will take to make your dApps grow? Make a Roadmap for your dApp.

first and foremost i will start by giving light on what are Dapps

" Dapps" are decentralized applications in which they function in a peer to peer network in what every user is independent to his or her privacy that is they is no authority to control activities . a decentralized application is a piece of software that speaks with the blockchain, which deals with the condition of all organization entertainers. The interface of the decentralized applications doesn't appear to be any unique than any site or phone application today. The smart contract addresses the center rationale of a decentralized application. smart contracts are basic structure squares of blockchains, that cycle data from outside sensors or occasions and help the blockchain deal with the condition of all organization entertainers. < they exist types of decentralized applications which are of three types which are

Type one:
Decentralized apps are used as a means of payment to make transactions in which they have thier own blockchains an example here is bitcoin

Type two:
This breed of dApps leverages the blockchain of Type 1 apps. These decentralized apps are protocols and have tokens necessary for their functioning

Type three:
Type 3 dApps utilize the convention of the Type 2 application. The SAFE Network (Secure Access for Everyone) is an illustration of a Type 3 dApp. It is a decentralized information stockpiling and interchanges network that replaces server farms and servers with the extra processing assets of its clients. It is an independent information network that empowers the formation of restriction safe sites and applications. It use the omini convention for giving SafeCoins that are then used to take into consideration its working points viewpoints.


Answering the above question if am to be a dapp developer i will like to develop a type three type of Dapp which would have the the following characteristics

  • would be carrying out a peer to peer transaction.
  • would have the functionality of lending and borrowing.
  • would have the functionality of trading.
  • would have the functionality of exchanging with other coins.
  • would have a user friendly graphical user interface.

choosing these type of decentralized app to develop would because of the good reasons that the type three dapps would have as compared to type one and two which are:

means of payment:
they can be used as a means of payment to make transactions.with litle or no charges,more to that a very fast rate with no stress. That is if they exist two people mr Tom and mr jerry an mr Tom wishes to transfer some coins to Mr Jerry, he can just do that within a minute as shown by the screenshot below


Edited picture downloaded from this site inspired by @wahyunahrul. post
Thus It enables faster payment due to the absence of middle applications/organizations such as the payment gateways for accepting funds.such as Banks
making crypto for all
normally when some people get the word crypto it sounds difficult an people think of carrying out complex activities on digital application that are though and not user friendly but these type of decentralized apps make way to develop d-apps that are good and easy to use with easy signup processes which actually encourage more users to join the crypto-world Also these type three D-apps make it in vast way for every one to take part in the cryto-activities like for example there are games which one can play to earn crypto coins which means even kids can make coins playing games all these generally makes cryptocurrencies for every one form children to adults

Ways of improving life making life easy with activities like borrowing, lending,stacking money:

These type of D-apps provide features that makes life easy and better providing measures in which users can accumulate good income in various ways like :

  • lending were users can bring forth coins and lend for income through types of d-apps .
  • borrowing were users can borrow to pay letter.
  • stacking for future use.
    these three facts are backed by the fact that these d-apps are well secured with reliable data records of all transactions as users use public chains in transaction verification's.

What are the steps you will take to make your d-Apps grow?

As a developer after creating a d-app successfully at this point of making it grow there are two key things i will consider which are initial coin offers(ICO) and advertisement * ICO with initial coin offer these happens when a crypto coin is available for initial offer to users were the users come in for the new venture in other to do this a detailed explanation will be have to be made concerning all the information about the d-app this can be done on a white paper ,documentation and even build a website . * Advertisement adverts is the most important thing to make the app well known after presenting the "ICO" ,adverts can be done by using social media platforms to share all the information about the D-app also running google adds will foster the advertisement. * other key things can be looking at the geographical location, level of literacy because there still exist suburb areas were there is still illiteracy

Make a Roadmap for your d-App.

My D-app will be called cowries now why this name cowries are actually ancient money that was used by countries years back this was the money but was abandoned but since it was generally accepted years ago it would be accept now digital so in my d-app users would earn tokens. called cowries



here i look for general functionality of a d-app were the best suited would be using the type three type of d-app the functionalities of which i discussed above .

this is a clear narrative about the d-app carrying all its functionalities what the app would be capable of doing ,how would tokens be be can be a documentation and even a website

ICO launch

initial coin offer were new user are brought in as investors
when attended at a maximum level the ICO Ended an distributed from which the wallet is launches exchanges listed and smart contract are made .

conclusion from my findings while doing this task if any one wants a successful business in the future he would quite need to deal with cryptocurrencies and the best time to start learning is know i wish to thank professor @wahyunahrul for this good work of his and even if am not perfect i learnt allot while doing this task



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