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Today I will be taking part in my first ever crypto acedemy task and I want confess of my joy for having this opportunity special thanks to steemit and steem crypto acedemy..
I hope my post will be up to standard and gets curated..

Tron Ecosystem

  • Question.

what are the uses of DeFi applications like justswap,justlend and How can you optimize mining rewards by staking tron and other token in
DAPPs means decentralized application. Under the tron ecosystem I am quite familiar with a few DAPPs. Such as Bit torrent,poloniex and steemit inc.
DeFi applications offer premium on supply mining and liquid eating mind some of this DeFi applications include general dividend such as justswap anfmd justslend and


  • What is justswap.

It is the first ever decentralized exchange of the Tron network. It is an AMM based exchange . That enables its users to swap token mainly Tron and TRC20 tokens as studied

  • Characteristics of justswap

    Justswap is a decentralized application. It offers a premium on top supply of supply minning and liquidity mining.

    Justswap is a decentralized exchange which enables users to swap a token without the dependence of liquidity.

    Justswap is a DEX which suffers from liquidity isues especially when comparing it with CEX.

    The liquidity of DEX (justswap) is fragmented since there is no centralized pool

    Another characteristics is that justswap realize on the principle of AMM based DEX to create a liquidity pool for each pair where the use as a free.
    In justswap anytime and exchange happens the trader pays 0.3% fee and the fee is propotionally distributed among to its liquidity pool providers

characteristics of justslend.

  • What is justslend? It is a DeFi application at the top of Tron blockchain a money market protocol with transparent and effective pricing.
    Justslend is powered by smart contract. It has two pools which are supply pool and borrow pool and based they are based on the demand and supply.
    Justslend had 13 different market TRX, USDT, USDJ,SUn,WIN,BTC WBTT,ETH,TUSD,USDC,NFT



It is a dedicated I DeFi segment in Tron that docks different DeFi projects of Tron, stake minning self governance etc

  • Characteristics of
    In, there is the stable coin pool minning. Sun has 3 pool liquidity providers and SUN Tex lP . They are also staking pool mining tools like SUN pool (2.79%apy) and stake and lock SUN pool (41.73%apy) where you can stake and lock the token for a specified period.

  • how can you optimize mining rewards by staking tron and other TRC20 tokens in
    To commence it will be better to on the various types of sun staking pools which we have the following.
    Sun staking pools (2.79%apy) and lock sun pool(41.37%apy).
    So proceeding on how to stake Tron we ...

We can start by using this link to get to the site then nextly click on deposit and enter the amount specifically the period we then proceed by clicking on deposit inorder to authorize the transaction we then sign.

Now when talking when talking of optimizing rewards,you simply stake Tron then as a result,earn a premium on top of what had been staked ..

For example as a liquidity provider you can stake your lP tokens to earn mining rewards {sun-trx} lP offers the highest apt, 73.2%
It is worth noting that SUN rewarded by staking sun Tex LP tokens will follow a vesting schedule,any premature withdrawal will result in a 50% penalty.


Thanks to professor @sapwood and crypto acedemy for this post.


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