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Great lectures from professor @wahyunahrul. Really an eye opener.


Now to the lectures proper.


What are dApps?
Explain the working system of dApps?
What are the differences between dApps and other applications?
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of dApps?
How can dApps developers promote their apps?
What should we pay attention to when using dApps?
How do we find the information of a DApp that we want to know? Provide the steps (Screenshot required).


What are dApps?

Before we dive into explaining what dApps is let's dwell a bit with the "d" in the dApps, which means Decentralized. So decentralization is any platform which does not have a central authoritarian nature, that is, no body or no system controls such platform. An opposite of this is centralization were the workings of such Platforms, organization, is controlled from a unit is an authority and this system include the Facebook, WhatsApp, banks, even the world government, here power comes from above down to the every other members using this system.

Now having established the meaning of Decentralized now let's touchlight on the dApps. The dApps which means Decentralized Apps or Application are applications which work on a self sufficient basis by a predetermined organization called a blockchain. And this blockchain has no controlling room or system. They are applications that performs transactions and communication on a pear to pear basis in that a sender and a receiver has a direct connection. So there is no interjection between transaction and communication during this process unlike the centralize nature.

So like I made mention before, the dApps exist on platforms which operates on a blockchain basis such as the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem etc.

On the dApps every member is powerful which means he can do as he wishes provided it is in the jurisdiction of the platform. Between the confinement of the blockchain, there are miners who keep the blockchain running by creating additional blocks and they are rewarding based on the type of Blockchain they exist.

Explain the working system of dApps?

The dApps operates on a smart contract which helps blockchain to be self sufficient. Now this smart contract are in form of ledger which houses the members called the nodes and this nodes verify transactions, communications, and blockchain. .

When transactions are made on the platform or when blocks are created into the blockchain, they are sent across the blockchain as a distributed ledger for verification and maintenance, and this is done by the nodes available in the blockchain. It is worthy to note that when this transactions are verified by the dApps and then entered into the blockchain as a verified transactions then it is impossible to reverse it. This is the explanation for the self sufficiency of the dApps.

What are the differences between dApps and other applications?

S/NdAppOther Application
1)Low cost of transaction fees and this fees called the gas fee is dependent on the blockchain involved.High cost of transaction fees expecially when it is to be sent to Different countries.
2)Here information stored on the blockchain or on the application is accessible to all to see though you can use them without the access key. And this breads transparencyHere informations or data's are not accessible to all members of the organization or application in that it is only kept and accessed by the owners or leaders of the application or organization.
3)Here the system is built in such a way that hacking is very difficult if not completely impossible. Because for a successful hacking of the system since all the information or data are not stored in a single device then the hacker needs to convince 70% of the nodes that it is real for this to be successful. Which is in most cases impossible.Here since all the information and datas are stored on a single device this makes hacking possible, this needs just the compromise of a single individual and the system too is compromised.
4)The dApps gives the members a total controlling power on the blockchainHere power comes from the owners down to the members to follow.

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of dApps?

Advantages of the dApps

  • The dApps are difficult to hack since data's are not stored on a single server unlike the centralize application which has all in data's on a single system.

  • The dApps gives controlling power to the users and this builds more trust in the minds of the users.

  • The dApps operates on a peer to peer basis in that it does not need third party for it operations, there's a direct flow of communication or transaction between users.

Disadvantages of dApps

  • Here since there is no central storage unit or system then if a user losses his/her access keys then such platform is inaccessible from then. That is why it is advisable for users to save guard their keys with all delligence.

  • Any data verified into the blockchain remains unchanged. And this could be a expecially when it was a wrong data.

  • Since the blockchain is built on a consensus algorithm, then bringing all members to a consensus could be Difficult. And this can cause a delay of issue needing urgent attention.

  • Here if a member sends a wrong amount of token during transaction or sends a correct amount of token to s wrong address, since there's is no third party then getting this rectified could be very difficult if not possible.

How can dApps developers promote their apps?

  • A public broadcast is very vital in the promotion of any dApps. This should be done on all social media platform that has alot of popularity, by so doing alot of people should be drawn to the app. But not just broadcasting this dApp it should be done in such a way that the audience see and understand the benefits of joining in.

  • Secondly the builders of such app should on the onset start with airdrops, by doing this alot of users will be drawn in.

  • Thirdly the builders should make a drastic reduction of transaction fees lower than what is uptainable in other dApps platform this should be done for a period of time so the miners don't loss out completely on thier profit, by doing this users would have fallen in love with the platform

  • Very importantly it should be easy to use.

What should we pay attention to when using dApps?

Things we should pay attention to on the dApps include;

  • Who are the builders of the blockchain or apps, what is thier history.

  • The security state of the app

  • The transaction fees involved how low or how High it is

  • The Decentralized nature of the platform, do they really adhere to the rules of decentralization.

  • The white paper of the platform.

  • and lastly the ease of usage of such platform.

How do we find the information of a DApp that we want to know? Provide the steps (Screenshot required).**

There are two ways to achieve this which are by the use of and, so let's get started.

  • By the use of we just log into the site then we click on the dApps of our Choice the all the information needed will be displayed as seen below.


Looking at the picture above we can view the Current price, Rank, Market Volume, coin Marketcap etc.


  • You then click were he arrow is pointed as seen above.


  • Then the different features will come up, you then choose that of your choice, here I choose the ranking and the information below comes up.


  • The different dApps appears and that is fine according to thier ranking. Then I proceed that it my Choice to see the information it carries. Here I choosed the Farmers world


  • Looking at the screenshot above the information needed appears then I proceed to clicking get started to get into the app it self.


  • After that the page below appears.


Conclusively, the dApps is the future of digital currency. Builders of the different digital currency should by all means make them as Decentralized as possible.

Thank you

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