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Wow really great lectures by Prof. @sapwood. Really an impactful and educating one.


Now to the lectures proper


What is TronLink and what is Tronscan? What are its uses? How do you verify a transaction status(including timestamp, resource consumption(bandwidth & energy), nos of confirmations) using Tronscan-- Examples, Screenshot? What are the different dApps can you explore using the TronLink wallet? Make a transaction(a micro-transaction) with Justswap or JustLend using TronLink wallet?Screenshot?



The Tronlink is more like a gateway or access through to the train ecosystem. It is the official blockchain wallet of the tron ecosystem. The Tronlink apart from being the wallet for the TRX performs other functions like coin swapping of the tron compatible asset, freezing and unfreezing of the tron and related assets etc.

By saying Tron related asset I mean TRX, all TRC-10, and TRC-20 tokens.

It is an ideal web 3.0 wallet that is powered by the smart contract, which enables users to interact with the dApps (Decentralized Apps) such as JustLend, JustSwap, JUST, Sun, Tronscan etc.

It is worthy of note that the Tronlink wallet is supported by devices such as the Android, iOS and the Huawei HarmonyOS.


The tronscan is the block explorer of the tron blockchain. Like a natural blockchain does the tronscan serves as a search engine of the tron ecosystem helping users both new and old to be able to search for any information concerning the transactions carried out in the blockchain.


When you log into the home page of the tronscan, alot of searchable title information are displayed for users to easily access. Information like the Block, transactions, TVL, Stablecoin, Resources, Contract Triggers etc. This are template to help users search the asset easily.

Uses of Tronscan

Below are the various uses of tronscan.

  1. Used to check the validity of a wallet address to prevent making transactions to wrong address.

  2. Used to confirm the success or failure of a transaction.

  3. The time and Date of a transaction on the blockchain can easily be known.

  4. checking of Transaction Hash

  5. the address of a sender and receiver of a particular Transaction can be detected.

  6. Used to verify the actual cost of transaction i.e the transaction fee of a particular Transaction.

  7. For new token creation.

  8. used to check the balance of the tron wallet(Tron link)

  9. To know the actual spending on smart contract i.e the amount of supplied and recieved token to and from the liquidity pool (LP) respectively.

  10. The lastest transaction on the blockchain is easily accessible through the tronscan

How to verify a transaction status together with other relevant informations such as nos of confirmation, timestamp, transfer amount, resource consumption, sender and recipient address on Tronscan

  • First log into your tronscan site with the address then the page below will come up.


  • The input the transaction hash or address in the search space provided and proceed to search.


  • Here have provided the address and proceed to search all the necessary information needed about the transaction is then provided below.


The various dApps (decentralised Applications) I can explore using the Tronlink wallet.

With the use of the Tron link wallet the various available dApps can be explored easily. The Tron blockchain has over 1.400 Tron-based dApps which aid effective and diversified usage of the platform.

By clicking on the discovery section of the Tronlink wallet, you can easily access all the available dApps as seen below.


On that section a user is exposed to Games, Exchanges and Others all designed as a Decentralized application.

For Games


For Exchange




By downloading and registering on the Tronlink wallet you can easily access the above screenshoted dApps. Also noticed they are segmented into categories for easily search and usage.

My Transaction experience using JustSwap and the screenshots.

  • First of all open your Tron wallet and then get to the discover part of the wallet at the buttom of the wallet and the and the different dApps will appear you then choose the app for your choice, here I choosed the dApp.


  • After that Justswap Exchange page appears.


  • Then choose the asset you choose to swap with Tron. Here I choosed the JST


  • After that you input the amount of Tron you wish to swap and the equivalent of the JST appears as seen below.


  • After that proceed to click swap and confirm swap.
  • After that you sign in wallet and then input your Tron wallet password and proceed to summit transaction. After that is done the page below appears.


  • Boom our swap was successful.



My experience with the tron link wallet has been a great one because of this lectures, I have learnt a great deal especially the swap deal. With this knowledge my exploration on the Tron link wallet has been increased for a better Cryptocurency dealings.

Thank you.

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