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RE: Steemit Crypto Academy Season 5 Week 6 [Intermediate Course] - Taproot y firmas Schnorr.

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Hello prof, please I encountered a problem during the creation of my post. I finished creating the post and posted it. It only appeared immediately I posted but disappeared afterwards.

I tried posting again because I copy my content before posting. For the second time, it showed up immediately I posted but disappeared afterwards. The post is not available on my page neither is it available on cryptoacademy although I posted it there.

Here's an image after I tried reposting for the third time.

This post doesn't appear on my page or the cryptoacademy community although I posted it there.

I visited to check if it shows proof that it was posted, and it does.

Everytime I try reposting, I shows up as an edit on



Please do you know how this problem can be rectified?


Listo amigo, ya se restauró la plataforma.

I just noticed. Thanks for the feedback

Por favor borra una publicación, tienes activas 2.

I have. Thanks for replying

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