What decentralized systems means is that users of the same decentralized system are the owners of it. Nobody can take this ownership of this system from us. Even if the CEO Justin Sun resigns from the TRON Foundation some new guy may adopt his legacy and continue from there.

The best example of a successful community run decentralized blockchain system is Hive. They never needed anybody else and we too don't need a person to run this ecosystem. We are the system and we will achieve the greater heights we deserve.

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Thank You for sharing Your insights...

Merry Christmas !!

las politicas que ha tomado steemit ha alejado a sus usuarios el que no lo quiera ver esta ciego, por otra parte no olviden de l que ya sucedio anteriormente donde la union de steem con tron hizo que muchos se fueran y crearan hive, y esto paso por que limpiaron muchas cuentas. de personas.que tenian una vida aqui. asi que decentralizado 100% no lo es.

How can you be so sure about that, the blockchain you mentioned is decentralized ?

We all don't. But we can make it. A few days back, the server was down for the steem api so the website could not be loaded in the browser because the does not give you options to choose the server node.

Suddenly it strike me that we do not have the option even though we have the best blockchain to work with. Just because we are not united enough our market cap is also not high enough.

There are so many things that I want to share here but, will surely make a post in a few hours regarding this. Please do follow, I have some really cool ideas and information to share with all the people.

 2 years ago 

Very good question, greetings friend. I hope they give information about it soon.

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