Crypto Academy Season 3 Week 4 Homework Post for (@yohan2on) Blockchain Video Games - Play and Earn Crypto

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This week, professor @yohan2on explained blockchain-based video games in detail. As a course assignment, I will talk about the Blockchain cuties universe project.


About the blockchain cuties universe

Blockchain cuties universe is a blockchain based game project. After the development of decentralized applications, blockchain-based game projects started to show great development. In our normal life, most of the people like to play games. However, this is somewhat costly and controlled by the centralized structure. Blockchain-based games are inexpensive. There are also many advantages. Therefore, after a while, people will start playing blockchain-based games.

"Blockchain cuties universe" is one of the most popular blockchain based game projects. It entered the market in 2018. It works on 5 different blockchain networks such as Tron, Eos, Matic, Eth, Neo. It is a blockchain-based game that we can play with many cute animals such as dogs, cats, bears, lizards. Each animal you own here represents a non-fungible token. Each animal/character/live you get in the game represents a token. That's why you can sell these animals if you wish. If you wish, you can buy from other people on the platform. As I said before, trading takes place in 5 different blockchain networks.

What is BCUG?

(coinmarketcap screenshot)

The token of the platform is Blockchain Cuties Universe Governance. Currently the price is $1.76. Earlier it was as high as $26.71 in March. There are 1,141,354.02 BCUGs on the market. There is 89% BCUG to be released. It is listed on exchanges such as BCUG,, UniSwap, Bilaxy, ZT. As the BCUG value increases, the value of the assets of the users on the platform also increases.


We use BCUG tokens to buy characters, buy items, and organize tournaments in-game. Also in governance, holders of BCUG tokens have the right to vote. Stackers are entitled to passive income. Stackers earn HERO tokens. With HERO tokens, additional features of the characters are purchased. With these additional features, the characters are strengthened. In this way, you will compete with stronger characters in tournaments.

You can access more detailed information about the project and read the white paper of the project by logging into the website.

To play the game

To play the game, we need to login to

There are many options for logging in and registering. We can login with Ethereum, EOS, TRON, NEO, Matic networks by email and then register.

I select the Tron network and log in to the platform with Tronlink. Entry requires signing a contract, I signed it.

Then I typed my email address and clicked "Save" at the bottom.

My Cuties


As you can see, I logged into the platform. There are 5 different blockchains. These are Ethereum, Eos, Tron, Matic and Neo.
There are characters/animals such as Cat, Dog, Bear, Lizard, Fox, Owl, Alien, Hedgehog, Mythic, Mutant, Pig, Rabbit.

Each animal has its own unique characteristics. You can develop your pets in any way you want and increase their value on the platform depending on your skill.



You can make it more reputable on the platform by creating additional features for pets. Thus, your animals will become stronger than before and will be more advantageous in tournaments. These additional features will also increase the value of the animal.



This is the area where the games are played. The pets you have here fight with other pets and gain experience.


Here, animals struggle with their abilities. At the end of the fight, someone wins.


You can find the reports of the games you won or lost here.


As you play the games, you gain new ranks as the games get achievements.



In this section, you can buy BCUG tokens, stake your tokens and earn passive income. In order to perform all these transactions, you need to log in to the platform with your wallet running on the Ethereum network and sign a contract. You can stake whenever you want, and you can unstake whenever you want.



This episode is similar to the adventure episode. In the tournaments section, it is necessary to have certain criteria to play the game. By participating in tournaments here, you can gain experience and get great prizes. Currently only TRX rewards are available.



There are 7090 products in the Cutie market. Here, products are bought and sold by users. Players have the opportunity to develop their animals and sell them in this market.


For example, you will need to pay 45,238 TRON to buy this character.

Special Sale


It consists of two parts. Unique and Custom Cutie. Characters with special combat abilities are advertised here. The features are displayed in great detail. To buy the character in the picture, you need to pay 4546 BCUG.


This is the area where the best performing users are listed. You can also see BCUG Holders. Here it also shows you how many BCUG tokens you have, how many in the ranking.



Successful games are rewarded in this section.


I played the game a little. I thoroughly studied the project. I identified the positive and negative aspects of the game.


  • It works on 5 different blockchain networks. It is very important that it works on popular networks such as Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Matic and NEO. Since many projects work on a single network, it cannot include all users.

  • It is important to both play games and generate income. A skilled player can make huge profits from this platform.

  • The platform is very useful. It is very simple and just because of the design, users can easily visit the platform.

  • Users can have a say in governance with their BCUG tokens. It has a chance to earn passive income by staking them.


  • The game is not very popular. Since the game is not very popular, you cannot benefit from the game as you wish.
  • You need to invest a little to progress through the game. If you can't get very far using only your skills, you need to invest a little.
  • It would be more impressive if it was videotaped while your characters are fighting.
  • Games are not real. The outcome of the game shows the abilities of the characters. You will find the details of the game later.
  • After playing the game, you have to wait for a while. At first, this time is very short, but later this time increases. A user may want to play games all the time.


My score for the game 3/5

So I need to break 2 points out of 5. But it looks like a trustworthy game. The game can be further developed by adding some features. For example, you can participate in the live broadcast feature.

Being blockchain-based and supported by different blockchains are very important details. Users can earn significant income from the platform by investing and thinking strategically.

The game is not very interesting as of now. However, there is potential for growth in the future. I'm giving the game 3/5 for now. My rating in a few years might be 5/5.



Blockchain technology is constantly evolving. Most of the people in the world love to play games. The fact that the games are blockchain-based will enable gamers to play more enjoyable games. It is very important that the games cannot be controlled by a center and that the players earn a fair income. All of this has been achieved thanks to blockchain technology and decentralized applications.

The only problem is that users have not yet adopted or are unaware of blockchain technology. As the popularity of blockchain-based games increases, better quality games will be released.


Do you plan to continue playing this game? Can we find out how much you can earn by playing this game, for example, for a month?

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This is an excellent and honest review of Blockchain Cuties universe. The game was well explored coupled with a practical user experience. Well done!! Continue creating such valuable content on Steemit.

Thank you.

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