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Hello friends,
hope you all are well. I am very famous because of this administration lecture that they considered us worthy and provided the lecture. In this lecture, we will learn the blockchain platform, what it is and what it is used for and what are its things. So today I will tell you about the trone that the trone is part of a blockchain it is a coin operating system.
Homework for Professor @alphafx. I will tell you about two blockchain Tron and Ethereum.

What Is Tron?

Tron coin is based on a network that works on the proof of stake, that's why it is a work of coin that teaches that the market cap for coins is TRX.
As you know, Difference On is a coin and an operating system that recommends building a create a smart contract.
This gives you a chance to build it yourself and arrange similar contracts, which is why you can use it easily.
It has big advantages, it can easily give the stork a smart present skill.

The Trone was founded in September 2017 by several devotees in Singapore under the name of Trone Foundation by Justin Sun and has a dedicated in-house development team that includes renowned technology stalwarts. This is what we call Turn on TRX is cryptocurrency.

What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum is one of the world's famous cryptocurrencies or BTC which is below which it comes in the second rank.
This coin is used for offering from the boss and we are seeing more of it nowadays.
Now we will decide on the Trone TRX from the Ethereum blockchain which of them is good and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

TRON VS Ethereum?

When Tron is a very complicated project based on blockchain technology.
Tron wanted to create a global world of free movies multimedia applications and programs.
No restriction from the largest corporation like Microsoft or Facebook
The Trone which is basically difficult on three preparations is the first one is the protocol that does the data. And the second husband is the place of divorce, due to which there is no issue in strengthening the birthday with the application. And the third is the basic Perth with this DPOS way.
What is the spectacle? First of all, the first version of the morning white paper, circa.
And the second picture was also worth the stock exchange in the morning.
It is more needed near many people.
Ethereum's Most popular wallet is the trust wallet.
Tron's most popular wallet is Tron wallet.

Better One

Earlier, people used to use BTC because it is more, but you have gone BTC very high, without which people have started working on the Act and now its amount has also increased a lot.

As a result of which the ethereum will suffer a lot of damage.

My Conclusion

As you are seeing that the Ethereum blockchain is being used very much these days and many people are having Tron on its behalf.
In the coming time, the price of Trone will increase very much due to which Athiram will be left behind at several o'clock. So we should also work on Trone and we should also do our work so that we too can get some benefit and practice.
I feel that I should transfer my Trone. The price of the Trone is increasing day by day as you can see it was increased day by day.

Thanks, Professor @alphafx
I did not know much about it earlier but due to your homework, I have been around a long time sir thank you very much I am thankful to you @alphafx

thank you


I have to say I am disappointed. With proof, your homework has been determined by @sapwood to be plagiarized, and edited. The lengths gone to re-edit the post, plagiarizing a fellow student's content.This goes against what steemit stands for, and I am revoking my remark, and changing it .


Stop plagiarism, produce your own content, put the same energy into using your brain to work and you will be proud of your progress.


Thankyou professor

Next time I will do better than this.