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RE: Steemit Crypto Academy Update [ November 15th, 2021 ] - Season 5 : Week 1 Courses

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All I want to add is the fact that most people do Steemit for funds whilst I do it for fun. The Beginners don't always earn as much as 150 steem per month from other Communities as booming isn't an easy thing to get. They come to the Academy as a way to boost their savings or returns but they end up getting 0/10 because of new guidelines now they would totally give up on Steemit as the struggle for reasonable Support is close to impossible.

I have been able to bring alot of people into this platform because of the Academy of before but now only the rich, intermediate and advanced can be part of the Academy now


There are many ways to earn on Steem beyond the Crypto Academy.

As well as all the Communities and #club5050, #club75 and #club100 there are many, many contests people can enter to win rewards - check out @disconnect's daily lists.

 3 years ago 

Oh alright then. Thank you for the reply

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