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Hello everyone, this week I will do the homework of -yohan2on professor on blockchain technology in the field of health. I wrote it with pleasure. I hope you enjoy my homework.

Introduction One of the most important factors in Blockchain technology is the HEALTH Sector. No matter what direction the world goes, the only thing that will not stop is technologies in the field of health. The main basis of this is the blockchain.

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Before starting the subject, A Little Information About Blockchain;

Definition of Blockchain:

It is a shared, immutable ledger that simplifies the process of recording transactions, data, and tracking assets in a business network. Everything of value can be traced in this chain. It can be bought and sold. This way, the risks are reduced. In these cases, the cost is very low. Encrypted information is accessible to everyone. However, it is not possible to change it. this chain grows continuously with blocks of code added to the previous one in chronological order.

The importance of blockchain:

It works on the processed information. It will be good if the information received is accurate and fast. Blockchain can only be accessed by authorized network members. And it is perfect for viewing information as it provides instant, shared and all transparent information stored in an unalterable ledger. The blockchain network can track orders, payments, accounts, production and more


Introduction to the Health Sector

The most important feature of blockchain technology in this field is its immutability. Thanks to this, the worry that the data will be corrupted is eliminated.
The use of a distributed system with this technology ensures highly secure data exchange.
The distributedness of this structure also reduces the costs of today's system.

The decentralized nature of blockchains provides an important defense against technical failures and external attacks that jeopardize valuable information in an industry such as healthcare where data privacy is paramount.

Since Blockchain is a distributed system, it has become a technology where transactions such as storage, management and storage are applied, not only in cryptocurrencies. The field of health is among them.
The social impact of blockchain is huge and the health sector, which is the most basic necessity of life, also benefits from this technology.


Blockchain Technology in the Health Sector

The area covered by blockchain technology in healthcare is quite wide.

With the influence of the age of development, many needs have increased. Data confidentiality, operability, data accessibility and secure supply chain management are very important in the healthcare field. Although not most of the drugs used today, we need to carry various documents with us (prescriptions, etc.).
As the technology to store data expands, more and more data storage and reliable systems that require high cost are required.
All these problems have created a need for blockchain technology in health.

The first problem we have to solve is that healthcare institutions maintain their own private databases. And sharing patient information between institutions can cause security issues. The central system that keeps the data together always has the possibility of a security breach. The difficulty of diagnosing the patient in an emergency can cause loss of time and even death. In some cases, even a few minutes to get information is very important.

With the development of technology, it is a very important step for humanity that artificial intelligence can establish a relationship with health data for planned treatment. Billions of people have trillions of health data in the digital environment.
The speed of data processing and correlation of artificial intelligence will affect the speed of treatment. The benefit of this will be to anticipate the needs of patients treated at home or in the hospital. The necessary information for the drugs, medical devices and treatments they will use will be automatically supplied.
Therefore, the speed provided by blockchain technology is very important.

With Blockchain, regular storage of patients' data is ensured. It makes tracking easy. It saves thousands of files confusion and expense. It provides the opportunity to save all kinds of information of the patient and to access health information with one click throughout his life.

Also, blockchain is transparent and everything is open. People can monitor the data if they want. Thus, if the patient goes to another country, health information can be accessed there.
Together with Blockchain technology, the health sector aims to eliminate many problems.

Areas of Blockchain used in Healthcare

Electronic Health Records

Maintaining health records is one of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry. Although there are information exchanges with third parties, each system has its own data standards and procedures. these exchanges of information are difficult to use and very costly.
There are many electronic health system options. They all have different data. This shows that patients' information is distributed to many systems. Doctors have trouble accessing medical history.

Blockchain network is used to ensure the integrity of all medical data. The patient's data can be transferred and stored on the blockchain for a free lifetime. This way, doctors and healthcare professionals can easily access this information, patient health records, and previous treatment data.

Medical Research

Medical professionals and researchers can study the effect of a specific treatment on a disease through approved access to patient data. There may be improvement in medicine with treatment methodology.
Pharmaceutical institutions can access a patient's data stored on the blockchain to make patient-specific drugs.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

According to the Stanford Business School report, the pharmaceutical supply chain is the most used blockchain application in the healthcare industry.
The safe transport of medicines and vaccines from the manufacturer to the consumer is the world's concern. We can give this example of the COVID vaccine on the agenda.
One of the most challenges is that the majority drug substance only survives at certain temperatures.

They run the risk of spoiling if they are exposed to very hot or very cold temperatures during the delivery process. Thanks to the real-time tracking feature of blockchain technology, it causes pharmaceutical institutions to discard unacceptable drugs.

Another important issue is counterfeit drugs. According to the estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO), 750 thousand people die every year due to fake malaria and tuberculosis drugs alone. Blockchain technology is about
Because the product's information is securely stored on the blockchain, buyers can easily find the source.

Medical Prescribing

The purpose of this is to eliminate the long waiting process. It simplifies the medical prescription process to avoid misinformation on prescriptions.
Every doctor writes a prescription for her patient. It is transferred to the patient's data by smart contract. The pharmacy reaches the information with the doctor's permission, the way of the smart contract and the etherum technology.

After accessing the prescription, it informs the patient about its dosage throughout the expiration date.
Doctors save time by talking less to drug stores.
The data flow for issuing a medical prescription, as shown in Figure 3, is the patient,
includes the primary doctor (GP) and the pharmacy.
Also, drug ID, expiration date, patient ID, etc.



Blockchain Applications in This Industry

1- Pharmeum Technology


It is a Blockchain solution used to transfer digital prescriptions and medical data that can be used to buy medicines.

Once achieved, Pharmeum analyzes the patient's health history and data to identify conditions that can help predictive medical care.
and also that it has technology that enables the auditability of prescriptions and drugs.

It creates patient history, genetic history, symptom information, and earlier diagnoses in the case of terminal illness. One must not forget about an artificial intelligence aspect that will allow data to be processed. This will reduce the cost as well as provide patient satisfaction.

2- MedRec Technology


MedRec is a technology for sharing data with institutions that patients can control within their consent.

Designed to avoid the complexity of life-long medical records. The data of the patients are distributed to different institutions and the ship-based records can be easily accessed.

A system that prioritizes the patient and provides a transparent and accessible view of the medical history.

3 - ScalaMed Technology


ScaleMed is the system established to prevent counterfeiting of drugs and prescriptions.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, hospitals and pharmacies require an environment of trust. Blockchain technology that will ensure the registration, confirmation and transfer of drugs in a safe and illegal manner.

4- HiDNA


It is a method that ensures that information such as text, picture and sound are safely stored in DNA with algorithms that encode personalized DNA. can be stored for many years. It also has the feature of encoding Bitcoin private key passwords that it encrypts DNA data into.

This is what I know. In addition, some other companies working on blockchain in the Health market:


•The Link Lab


•Hashed Health

•Medical Chain

•SimplyVital Health

•Change Healthcare





The healthcare industry can leverage blockchain technology for many benefits. It will solve problems for life, thanks to features such as security, transparency and real-time tracking.

If we consider the benefits that the world of blockchain provides us in daily or corporate areas, it will easily take its place in every sector in the coming years. With the rapid increase in the world population, Blockchain technology in the health sector will be of great importance in terms of convenience and accessibility.

The proliferation of all these projects will make the cost, speed and accessibility easier in every sector.

Finally, I submit my homework that I researched and wrote for 3 days. Thanks to the professor for giving us this topic.

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