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Hello Everyone,

Thank you to all for joining the Second Season Of Steemit Crypto Academy and Participated In The Homework Task week 12.

Steemit Crypto Academy

We received around 191 Homework Tasks in Week 12 for the topic Crypto Margin Trading & Crypto Leveraged Tokens Trading.

With the help of @yousafharoonkhan, we have tried to review your Homework Task post at the earliest.

All homework task with the correct tag #stream4u-s2week4 has been checked at earliest post submitted by you.

I am sure all your homework tasks are checked within 24 hours after your submission. Still, if anyone left please share your Task link in the comment section. Thank You @yousafharoonkhan.

This post is to summarise the Homework Task for Week 12 and the tag was #stream4u-s2week4. Summarise homework task includes General thoughts, Feedback, Suggestions.

Summary On Homework Task For Week 12.

The first and very important thing noticed that the majority of users are not reading the Course Post entirely with each line.

Homework task by @stream4u, it was informed to send your homework task link under the comment section only if it is not reviewed within 24 hours after you published it, still, users keep sending homework task link once they published, Please take care of this.

Copyright Images ratio is on top for week 12 found in #stream4u-s2week4. Courses and the Homework task given by @stream4u are completely based on CryptoCurrency Market and for this, it is really not needed to use images from google. To avoid confusion for copyright images It was informed and again, not to use any images which had a watermark, website names on them.. Please take care of this.

We learned Leveraged Tokens Trading and the homework task given on the same topic, the provided information is fine for theory but what about the practical study, it was expected from you to explain the Leveraged Tokens Trading like their price behavior movement when BULL, BEAR can go up and down, additionally if you could explain it with the charts then it will be great, but only a few users did great in this. Try to explore the topics with all possible information, think twice about what more you can try to do, whatever comes in a mind try to mention that all small parts.

Price Forcast, it seems the majority of users still did not understand Price Forcast. The question was clear take any Crypto Assets Chart graph, as per its current price and its market trend predict its future price for only next week, what will be its future price for next 1 week.You can predict for any direction up or down but explain it properly on what basis you have predicted the price. What will be the possible low level and high level for next week.

The majority of tasks found which the only mention like it will be bullish, I feel it will go up, as per Elon Musk, etc, this is not a right way for Price Forcast. you have to provide on what basis you feel or think like that.

In Price Forcast, you could try to be more informative with a Technical Point Of view, here you can use Support Line, Resistance Line, and Trend Line or any your technical study to show the market Trend and explained accordingly, Support Line, Resistance Line, and Trend Line are the part of earlier Course. Regarding Elon musk, so you can try to show some posts from him and then market movement so that it will your study.

The intention for the topic Price Forcast, for one person it is difficult to monitor and understand the market trend for different crypto assets. Hence, with this topic, we can come to know about multiple asset views submitted by you all, so it will be good if you visit other tasks, read them and send your view in their task comments for engaging.

PLAGIARISM, the plagiarized content found less but still, there are. Also, some are using complete post made by others and showing like their own. Keep sharing only ORIGINAL content as PLAGIARISM isn't supported.


Statistics Chart For #stream4u-s2week4

Picked Some Good Homework Task.

Here are some Homework Tasks sharing with you, so that you can refer them, read and understand what more you need to improve.

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@utibeoeffiongart: Task Link

Top 3 Homework Task.

User Name.
Task Link.
Crypto Academy Week 12- Homework Post
Crypto Academy Week 12- Homework Post
Crypto Academy Week 12- Homework Post



New Courses for Week 13 are already published, kindly go through the Steemit Crypto Academy Weekly Update #13 [ May 10th, 2021] by @steemitblog.

All homework posts should be posted in the community Steemit Crypto Academy.

Use Proper Tagging in your Homework Task.

Any images used should be from copyright-free sources and fully referenced.

Keep sharing only ORIGINAL content as PLAGIARISM isn't supported.

Thank You.


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I admire your effort Prof. I'm honoured to have my post acknowledged


your post regarding price forecasting was really great. you did the best.

Gracias estimado profesor por la mención me contenta mucho....usted hace Excelente trabajo bendiciones para usted ❤️

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Thank you for acknowledging my work professor! It’s really an honor

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My homework is 5days old now but have not been curated by @steemcurator02 please help me so that it can be curated

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Hello most respected Prof. @stream4u

I scored 9 out of 10 in the just concluded assignment, but my post has not been acknowledged among the post above sir.

Below is the link to the post, so you could confirm Prof. Thank you in anticipation of your response.🙏

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, somehow it was missed. I added now.

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Okay Prof. Thank you very much for considering it..

Am grateful 🙏

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Hi prof., @stream4u my homework is 5 days old now but has not been curated please help and do the needful so that it can be curated by @steemcurator02. Below is the link

Hello professor @stream4u, thank you for the lecture and for the work you do.

My entry for your assignment have just a few hours left to complete 7 days and it hasn't been curated. You can find the post here.

I understand that the workload is much as so many users have joined the Crypto Academy Community. I appreciate the work you're doing. Keep the good work! Cheers!