Steemit Crypto Academy Update [ January 24th, 2022 ] - Recruiting Professors

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Season 6 of the Crypto Academy will be starting in 2 - 3 weeks.

For this new season we are looking to recruit more new professors.

Details of how to apply are below.

Among a number of changes in Season 6 will be a greater emphasis on cryptocurrency trading, including new team trading contests.

Steemit Crypto Academy Professors

The primary task of a Crypto Professor is to produce weekly or bi-weekly course posts on a cryptocurrency / blockchain subject agreed between us.

Each of these posts should also include a homework task for the students to practice and expand their knowledge of the topic.

The Professors are then expected to check, comment on and grade within two days all the homework posts submitted for their course. This is likely to be around 50 - 100 posts a week. Professors will be working in pairs to share the workload of grading the homework posts.

At the end of each week we ask the Professors to produce a summary post giving feedback on the homework responses submitted.

For all their hard work, the Professors are rewarded each week with generous upvotes from @steemcurator01 on their main course posts and their homework feedback posts.

Following feedback the rewards for Professors will be increasing in Season 6.

For Season 6 we are going to have a particular emphasis on trading, so we are keen to recruit Professors with interest and experience in crypto trading.

If you would like to be considered as a Steemit Crypto Professor you should make a post with the following information…

  • a summary of your experience on Steem, and other blockchains, and other relevant off-chain experience or qualifications (no more than 250 words)

  • a description of why you think you would be suitable to become a Steemit Crypto Professor (no more than 250 words)

  • an outline of the topics you would cover in a sample 5 week course suitable for newcomers to the crypto world (no more than 500 words)

  • links to the three best crypto related posts you have made on Steem - ideally these should be Crypto Academy homework posts.

Please note - only people who are participating in #club75 or #club100 will be considered for the role of Crypto Academy Professor.

Previous Professors are welcome to apply for this new season.

Application posts for both roles can be in any language, and should be published by 11pm UTC on Sunday, January 30th.

Please include the tag #professorapplication (and your country tag) in the first 4 tags and put a link to your post in the comments below.

We plan to announce the new Steemit Crypto Professors by Thursday, February 3rd.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

 last year 

Without students there are no teachers.

Let's hope the changes also benefit us.

I wish you luck in recruiting the new teachers.

Stay tuned for the announcements and the start of season 6.

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Did I miss something on the 27th?

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True. Sans this post, I've missed them all. I've been a little busy learning how to steer global human society away from its cannibalistic qualities. Lol

 last year 

Hello @steemitblog,

I have a question and one suggestion to make.

My question is if we are trying to motivate more people to participate in the #club100 status, then why are we focusing more on the trading assignments in the crypto academy courses that force users to take out Steem tokens to trading platforms?

My suggestion is that the professors and steemitblog must ensure that the homework assignment courses do not force users to take Steem tokens out of the platform to some trading platform, but this must be done in a way that the trading activity uses only demo tokens or demo money for learning purposes.

I hope this comment is taken as a constructive criticism only.

 last year 

totally agree with you @cryptogecko

Great point.

agree with you

 last year 

Maybe I will be joining to the season 6 courses, I wanna learn more about crypto trading ✌🏻 Interesting, great job and good luck to all new professors

I'd like to see how the rewards for professor's will go, there are some pros I'm planning to invite to the platform as professor's. People with over 50k followers/subscribers on their crypto channels.

The issue before now has been, some of them charge upto $1,500 per year per person for their premium channels where they merely drop calls and sometimes analysis. These channels sometimes have over 200 members. Though maybe not all will be on yearly plans.

I'm hoping to see more courses from trading pros and I think the next phase of the crypto academy might be better seasoned with external professionals.

Lemme try to reach out to some of them now you've stated that there'll be increased votes for the professors.



Will it be out of place if I tell them they could share links to their telegram or twitter channels on their posts?

I dunno but I'm thinking if they do that and also share links to their Steemit posts on their telegram and twitter channels it could be mutually beneficial.

I mean, some have over 100k followers on their free telegram channels and their calls tend to pump prices for some seconds on Binance.

I think if we offer them a chance to even increase their channel, we might stand a better chance of getting them here.

 last year 

I wish good luck for all the candidates and I hope to have talented new professors.

Good Morning prof @kouba01 please any updates on fixed beginners task? or is it going to start with the dynamic task at the same time?

 last year 

For the moment no decision has been declared about this, but I think during the sixth season there will be a lot of beneficial changes for everyone. Stay with us and discover all the novelties.

Great to see that Steemit Crypto Academy Season 6. Steemit Crypto Academy is about to complete successfully Year and enter into another year. Great Achievements.

Steemit Crypto Academy has provided good knowledge on Crypto projects and people need that to know how exactly crypto works so that people can find good projects and support them.

With this knowledge, people can find valuable crypto projects at an early stage and get good returns in the coming days, I am sure technical study has helped them here.

Professors are doing great at every level and provide professional service.

Best of luck to every new participant.

 last year 

Awesome! I can't imagine how much joy this brought to the heart of many Steemians out there, they have missed the Academy even within the short while the Academy spent on break. It's good to learn of new changes coming up in the new season and sincerely, thanks to @steemitblog for untiringly lending a listening ear to feedback from the Steemit Populace.

In addition, I am quite sure that the new development and other ones yet to be revealed would bring in some new fresh air to the Academy. We are glad to hear about the Academy resumption in a jiffy and thanks to the Steemit team once again. Steem On! 🚀


Hemos estado esperando alguna actualización de ustedes con respecto a los 150 SP mensuales. Por favor no tarden en manifestarse al respecto! Muchas gracias por su trabajo


Saludos amiga. Lo que más me preocupa es que la SCA va a tener un receso de más de un mes, en ese mes los que nos enfocamos en las tareas de la academia, (porque las recompensas en otras actividades es poca), vamos a tener una baja muy fuerte en nuestras recompensas y así la exigencia de SP sea menor, al no tener ingresos , vamos a tener que comprar Steem para poder participar, lo que se va a convertir en un pago indirecto para poder publicar nuestros trabajos.

Eagerly waiting for the new season to start

I really missed the Crypto Academy. It is good to see new changes coming in crypto academy and I am really excited🥳 for team trading contests.

I really missed the Steemit Crypto Academy. I hope it may start very soon. Good luck in advance to the new professors 😊

We hope the season to come become amazing. This initiative will make it more engaging and lively. Thanks for sharing.

 last year 

Wait the professor
When working do they need to maintain club5050 or club 75


I think yes, all professors are required to maintain club75 or club100 status in order to be an example for all students. This is just my mind.

 last year 


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I'm new with you, can I get some support from you and thank you ⚡⚡⚡⚡

Here is my link toProfessor application in steemit crypto Academy

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Hi, I hope season 6 will be a good runway, that is based on learning about crypto world for students of steemit cryptoacademy community. Waiting anxiously for coming season. Thanks

 last year 

@steemitblog What a joy to have you back soon you will have my teacher application a big hello.

 last year 

This is really good to hear, i really want to encourage all the Steemit Crypto team for this wonderful exercise and knowledge in organizing all this. We are looking forward to see the aspirants. Thank you

Waiting impatiently.

 last year 

Woow this is great. Thanks for the updates @steemitblog. Please I wish to ask if crypto academy don't need new promoters again?

Good luck to all the new aspiring Professors.

 last year 

Nice update we can't wait for season 6 to get on the way. New professors needed, simply tells me that season 6 will be more of action packed, God bless @steemitblog for the update.

Great opportunity....

The requirement to become a professor is increased by having to have club75 and club100 status, this means only people who are truly committed to steem are considered. This is good in my opinion, but how many people will be recruited to become professors this time. I once applied to become a professor in season 3, but I failed because the one chosen at that time was the superstar of that season, so it made me traumatized to apply again. Lol

This is really a nice one

 last year 

Thank you @steemitblog for the update.

After all the feedback posts for the past five seasons in the academy, I was hoping you would address the academy members on how things would be done before this particular update.

We need your feedback post in respect to our feed back.

I am anticipating for season six.

 last year 

I look forward to participating actively again in this esteemed academy as new professors will hopefully bring refreshment to students. Thanks again @steemitblog

Gracias por la actualización tan esperada!

 last year 

Season 6 will definitely be a great one. Thank you @steemitblog for this opportunity.

I am waiting for the next season (6th) of the Steemit Crypto Academy impationately.

 last year 

I hope the competent candidates with good communication skills win this professorial recruitment race.
Thank you @steemitblog for the consistent updates.
Hoping for some level of positive development in season-6, with regard to the compiled tangible feedbacks.

 last year 

Am so... happy for this development, fmthe trading and blockchain aspect is so interesting...

It is very good that they are recruiting new professors, I hope that new talents come to the Academy.

Much success to all, and my best wishes😊

It is good to see that Steem Crypto Accademy is going to start of again @steemcurator01. It's been more than 2 season i have been away from posting can you please give me one last chance to post in from this session.

 last year 

Genial, ya falta muy poco para la nueva temporada y sin duda vendrá cargada de nuevos retos.

Esperamos con ansias conocer los nuevos cambios que se aproximan deseando que sean beneficiosos para todos.

Nos veremos pronto 🤗

excellent, how exciting that the academy season will soon begin

Excelente información..espero unirme en esta temporada.. y adquiri muchos conocimientos de todos estos grandiosos profesores.

Waiting to see an attractive update on Steemit Crypto Academy. I have also applied again.


This academy has been a wonderful experience for me and as a crypto learner I have learned every bit of it only here and I hope the newly recruitment will also add more value to it and we all will get benefited.

My feedback on the academy till now is still not been appreciated. Kindly look into this @steemitblog

It is a great opportunity that you can find through these interesting courses.

Thanks to the Steemit team for providing this kind of support.

I can see and read all of that, but I'm still here so I can be a good player for all of them.

Salam untuk berjuang steem.😃🤗

 last year 

Thank you @steemitblog for the update, am so glad the academy will soon be back

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 last year 

Wot is the duration to confirm a prof club75 status @sapwood

 last year 

I thought its usually done within 1month but I just realized is 2months

 last year 

Aaaaa and I already invested in buying steem and all
They should be mentioning this in the post tho

 last year 

This is my application to be an SCA trading professor.

Among all these, the top 10 cryptos that have cornered the attention of investors include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Filecoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero and Helium, accounting for $1.45-trillion market cap

 last year 

Why there is still no post about the community curators selection of teams for the themes?

I think the date for the selection was 30th of January.

great and it is one of the best crypto academy , i learnt a lot of and i have great wish to take participate in this again, all professor are doing great job, i always say that boom boom steemit

Please I need guide to beginners courses and how I can start.

This is exciting, the rest and vacations were good, great work for the whole team and I am already preparing for the trade competitions. A big shout out to the @steemitblog team and my fellow teachers.

Steemit Cryptography Professor.

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