Steemit Crypto Academy Update [January 10th, 2022] - Summary & Feedback

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Season 5 of the Steemit Crypto Academy has now finished.

The Academy is now taking a short break before moving on to the next phase.

We are using this time to review the progress of the Academy so far to help us plan future activities.

To help us with this review process we would like feedback from those who have taken part in Season 5 and previous seasons.

Give Your Feedback on the Steemit Crypto Academy

If you have taken part in Season 5, or any of the previous seasons, we would like to hear your views on the Crypto Academy.

To submit your feedback please make a post entitled ‘Steemit Crypto Academy Feedback’ including the tag #academyfeedback as one of the first four tags, along with a tag for your country.

In the post please include brief details of which seasons you took part in, and at what levels.

Your post can include for example…

  • What worked well with the Academy
  • What did not work well
  • How you would improve the Academy
  • What changes would you make for future seasons of the Academy?

What did you think of the marking scheme for Academy posts? And the rewards available?

You can also tell us what you enjoyed most, and what you learnt from the Academy.

Has the Academy inspired you to continue learning more about crypto subjects? If so, how and where have you extended your crypto learning?

Has the Academy inspired you to start trading in crypto currencies? If so, which ones?

Please submit your feedback posts by 11.59pm UTC on Sunday, January 23rd, 2022.

Remember to include the tags as above.

We will be rewarding the best feedback posts with votes from @steemcurator01 as they are posted.

Only feedback posts from people doing #club5050, #club75 or #club100 will be eligible for reward votes.

Please make sure you send your feedback posts into the Crypto-Academy community…

We look forward to reading your thoughts, views and ideas about the Steemit Crypto Academy.

A full summary for Season 5 will be posted in the next couple of weeks.

We will also be announcing an exciting new development for the Crypto Academy very shortly.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

 last year (edited)

A full summary for Season 5 will be posted in the next couple of weeks.

Data compilation is going on for the Comprehensive Summary Report of Season 5. By next Monday it will be finished.

Thank you so much for the effort and utilization of resources(SC01 and SC02) for crypto literacy.

And the new approach to collect the feedback will further push for collectivism in Steem community and further decentralization.

Thanks a ton.

Steem on.

 last year 

Steemit crypto academy is at its all time low in participants.... I will submit my feedback realsoon

 last year 

I think it is because of some of the new rules which have chased out lots of participants honestly and making steemit less attractive to audience

it is really good to get feedback, i liked very much this idea of appreciation, and i feel cryptoacademy is sea of knowledge about crypto

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You have done a great job, by feeding us with this information

I am new to the steemit community, hope to learn more on what can be done in this community!

How does this work,please someone should help me here

Will submit my feedback soon!

please tell us more about blockchain

how much votes are required to get 1$ on steemit

We can do fixed tasks in this time period or not????

No. It was included in the update last week. The deadline for submission of fixed courses was 08/01/2022. Any entry now would be considered invalid. Kindly, take note. Thank you.

Thank you professor.

Thank you, professor

What I want to is that, will we able to do it when season 6 begins or the fixed courses will be no more.

At the appropriate time, the @steemitblog would announce as regards the functionality of the fixed courses. Thank you.

 last year 

Estaré participando

 last year 

Wao! This is really encouraging and i want to thank all the professors who took their time and efforts in teaching, marking and correcting participants throughout this season. My feedback is coming soon. Thank you

 last year 

Feedback submission will definitely amplify the positives to be continued for forthcoming seasons and also bring into limelight the areas of improvement as felt by students.


 last year (edited)

feedback will be very useful for the development of the SCA project in the future.

Education is important to any human being in any kind of education. Crypto Academy has opened the door to education. I have learned some very important things from here and I want to learn more in the future. I wish everyone good health and well-being. Love you all guys❤️

Hi, it is good step for getting views of participants in crypto academy to polish the coming tasks.
Thank you

This is a great idea as the feedback will make Steemians air out both their complaints and what will benefit the Academy. Thank you @steemitblog for this opportunity. I'll make good use of it

 last year 

Wow!!! This is a good one @steemitblog as it gives room for improvements and growth. Thank you for the opportunity
#twopercent #cameroon

Wonderful update from you @steemitblog. I will surely give my feedback soon

This is amazing, i will love to send my feedback, thank you so much for this update

Thank you, i will be giving my feed back soon. @steemitblog can we submit befor 11:59pm on Sunday or must it be at that time you said 11:59pm

 last year 

I'll submit mine also, thanks for being polite in creating opportunity for everyone to air their views.

 last year 

Nice initiative.

Thank you for the update it will help us to air out

Crypto Academy has really been very exciting. We would like to submit our feedbacks soon.

Thanks so much @steemitblog!

 last year (edited)

This is a welcomed development. I must commend #steemitblog and the steemit team for granting us this opportunity.

 last year 

Pronto estare enviando mis comentarios.

 last year (edited)

Feeling some level of democracy within the community.
Thank you Steemit Team, for establishing such great initiative.
This is an opportunity to spill it out.

Will submit my feedback soon

Nice and resteemed :-)

 last year 

Thanks a lot the SteemitBlog for providing an amazing and helpful platform in the form of Steemit Crypto Academy. This Season of the academy was really superb and I learned very much about the crypto world from the lectures of this season. I will surely post a feedback post soon!

 last year 

Excelente oportunidad para comunicarnos.

 last year 

Esto es Genial, aplaudo está iniciativa de parte del equipo de Steemitblog y sin duda leeremos muchas buenas publicaciones de comentarios.

Espero realizar mi publicación pronto, saludos.

Excellent information, thanks for share!

Thanks for always supporting us...

It is very good to be able to feed back, I will try to send my opinions soon 😊

 last year 

Excelente comunidad, una escuela de motivación y calidad profesional...gracias por tomar en cuenta nuestras opiniones

 last year 

So grateful for such knowledge I had through the academy, that I'll be happy to make my post review. Pretty sure that would be helping out of any improvement. Regards from Latin America 🌎 #venezuela #affable

I wasn’t available to partake in all the lessons but the little I took part was really helpful and I can’t wait to share my feedback on that ..thanks board for a massive work done

Me encantaría aprender sobre este mundo desde el nivel 1

 last year 

Hello dear community with my most grateful humility I come to give you my analysis regarding the academy, I hope it is read by the administrators and moderators and by the whole community, if I am wrong in any slogan I apologize if I offend someone is not my intention, rather my intention is to make the community grow and be more prosperous day by day week by week with all users who here create high quality content thank you very much by @laser145

This is a great job

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That amazing

It's amazing to do it..Thanks so much

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 last year 

muchas personas abandonaron steemit gracias a sus reglas, me incluyó sin mencionar que la moneda cada vez vale menos, sus acciones en contra de la comunidad de steemit tendra frutos este año, nadie quiere estar en steemit y cada vez mas personas estan entrando en hive.

y su gran error es no aceptar este tipo de criticas ya que son el sentir de la comunidad que les da vida. sigan como van y veremos un steem en menos de 0.1 dolar

it is really good to get feedback!

Hey un related question are you guys trying to get bittrex wallets back up. They have been down for 6 weeks, and I am trying to move over funds to steemit.

This is a great step to take the feedback of the current and previous students of the academy as they can describe it in better way that what went well for them and the academy and what betterment may be needed to provide more valuable addition to the Crypto academy.

I would love to share my experience with the crypto academy till now through my feedback very soon IA.

I’m new in this platform, can anyone guide me in a better way?
Thanks in advance

I have never participated in a class. Actually I want to participate in steemitcryptoacademy season5. It's just, I just last week I reached the requirement of doing power-ups above 150 in one month. Can I participate in writing my opinion on #academyfeedback?
Thanks @steemitblog

Always learn about crypto

Undoubtedly, the Crypto academy generates a growth opportunity for users, as far as knowledge in cryptography is concerned, a course like this can be very expensive anywhere in the world, and here it is not only free, but it receives excellent rewards, that is, there are benefits everywhere you look. Congratulations to the great work that the teachers do.

Thats really great!!!

Hello @steemitblog

We have just formed a new community on Steemit, the Steem-Environment Community is the name, a communication that moves to save the environment.

This post introduces our community: Introducing Steem-Environment Community

As a new community, of course, we have not received support from the Steemit Team such as @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02.

What steps should we take to get support from the Steemit Team. We ask for your direction.

Best Regard,

About Me.

Waiting for so long

Happy to support

Does this mean that delegated accounts will not be used? Also, which group will vote for the articles of women who wear make-up in Steem Women Club? These Turkish issues need to be detailed.
Also, if you're going to be in different groups, maybe being in different groups might be more lucky.

Thank you so much.

I hope Newcomers will find it as a learning ground yet at the same time get an opportunity to grow in SP & reputation, doing so will help them to move up the ladder.

The seasoned crypto enthusiasts(who have not completed Achievement Task-4 in Newcomer's Community) can wait until the 28th to partake in all three tiers(dynamic courses) should they meet the eligibility criteria(Required SP & Reputation).

Thank you again.

Steem on.


to grow fast & faster there are a lot of interesting activities which will help users info + knowledge + earning + success. = happy life.

definitely i will share that everything. if you are intrested.

Amazing post

 last year 

Saludos, muy buena este tipo de iniciativa, siempre de los procesos del feedback aprendemos muchísimo, para mejorar cualquier tipo de proceso.

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 last year 

Please my feed back post was not curated well, may be there is error in curation. Please here is my feed back post link.

Here is my Feedback post to all the seasons of Steemitcryptoacademy, I Felt honored to give my feedback. Thank you @Steemitblog for the opportunity.

Green Corporate Company Business Testimonial Instagram Post.jpg

I hope that the steemit team is really working and cautiously reading every post and feedback comment.

Unfortunately, I could not arrive in time to make a proper post as requested, after the last changes WITHOUT ANTICIPATION, I missed completely participating in the last season by these changes, I do not find at all "Decentralized" to tell me what to do with my rewards when it takes time and effort to study (Something that does not happen with other topics, I think it should have been asked to participate in some posts with the existing clubs, rather than demanding to participate in all or at least one of them. Also asking for it would have surely increased part of the users' earnings, because of the benefits of this in the long term in order to grow the accounts, but it should be our decision in such a case.

Asking for 150 Steem to participate seems to be exaggerated, the only place where you can participate and be rewarded for your efforts is obviously in the CryptoAcademy, unfortunately in the other communities are more appreciated their curators and friends of these same (Yes, it must be said). So it makes it very difficult to start from 0 in the only place where you know you will be valued.

I would also suggest that the rewards of the teachers be MUCH higher than that of a student, I can't imagine how much work it must be to get a topic out each week and then review each student, I have seen plagiarism of not only content but even images and these teachers really strive to make sure that no student has grades without total effort on their assignments, They could rotate them in each season and not just leave them without ideas in each season managing the same level, another thing that would help is to have outstanding teachers, maybe so some stop being SO lazy when correcting and have at least the tact to answer the concerns of us as students, many times I struggled and got a grade type: You have handled the subject excellently, your grade is "7", I think this is illogical if the subject was excellent.

I did everything right but I got a 7? Why not a 10 or a 9? when I asked what I did wrong and what I could improve for a 9-10 they didn't tell me anything, they just ignored me without even a suggestion, as a consequence I stopped participating with those teachers.

Another thing I saw and I do not agree with is the visible "Favoritism" yes, some teachers have more benefits so to speak than others and it should not be so, why do I say this? Simple, some teachers make a post in addition to that of their classes and some vote for them and others do not, why is this? If all are equal, I do not want to imagine how a teacher who makes the same effort as another and this is rewarded but not him feel.

The CryptoAcademy should be the priority of SC1-SC2, or the rewards in it are the highest of any other community.

I am not saying that they do not support the other communities, but just as they have a voting scheme for the cryptoacademy, also have it for communities, because just as there are those who want to take advantage of the courses, there is also abuse in the communities.

I hope that all the suggestions of each user, you as a team do the best for everyone and continue to maintain this great initiative, even in the best families there are problems hahaha, so I trust you that you will do the best job for the community, teachers and their students. <33

PD: I hope to be able to participate in the next course !!

 last year 

It's really wonderful for the steemit team to actually request opinions and feedbacks over the previous season. I'd be making my post soon

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