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RE: Debt Ratio's Impact on the Authors' Rewards on Steem- Understanding the Current Situation

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There's no problem.
But isn't the debt ratio more favorable for authors if it stays below 9% as SBD help authors in earning more Steem during conversion?

Or is this current Steem reward equivalent to the previous SBD reward authors once had?

 last year 

I will say the previous rewards are better.

 last year 

But, I will suggest we set our author rewards to 100% SP, since SBD has gone for awhile.

 last year 

That might be a good option but you know that it takes a week for one to receive one's reward and that's a whole lot of time.
Steem can increase and SBD will be back within that period.

 last year 

You are absolutely right, comrade.

 last year 

That's the next line of action in this kind of situation. Powering up 100% would be ideal since the printing rate of SBD is already at zero.

 last year 

But with what you explained, SBD is at zero due to debt ratio being above 10% which is as a result of the current low price of Steem and SBD.

This means that if the price of Steem and SBD should come up during the week, it is expected to take the debt ratio below 10% meaning that minting of SBD will continue as usual.

With the above in mind, don't you think leaving the reward ratio at 50:50 is still ideal as the price of Steem and SBD is expected to come up before the next 7 days.

 last year 

You can always track the status of the printing rate of SBD here.


 last year 

Thank you

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