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This is My task for @stream4u assignment

1. What Is Crypto Margin Trading?

You can use margin trading to open a trading account that is greater than your initial investment. In essence, Margin Trading enables traders to access funds to increase the size of their order, which increases the profit from a profitable trade while also increasing the level of loss if the trade is not profitable.

Margin Trading in simple terms is riskier than normal spot trading which novice can even learn within a short period. The danger it holds and the risk is much greater. I would say that beginners should avoid margin trading. The ability to analyze graphs, recognizing and studing patterns, knowing vital points like the entry and the exist does not remove the risks of margin trading; although it aids in price prediction.

2. How To Plan For Trading In Crypto Margin Trading.

  • To begin with Crypto Margin Trading, you must ensure that you have a well strategized capital management, this will help you not to cast all your capital into trading at once.

  • Carry out your analysis before trading:
    Use a well structured strategy for price Forecasting that you deeply understand,
    That you have practiced and that you are used too. [Be it Technical, Fundamental or Sentimental]

  • Avoid distraction when carrying out Crypto Margin Trading. After all, you might not spend upto 20 minutes. Therefore, for that very purpose, you need absolute concentration.

  • Don't let greediness or emotions cloud your judgement when making certain decisions as per your entry and exist point.

3. Crypto Exchanges Name That Provide Margin Trading Service and What Margin They Provide?

  1. BINANCE Provides up to 5X
  2. BITYARD Provides up to 10x
  3. BitMEX Provides up to 100x
  4. POLONIEXProvides up to 2.5x
  5. STORMGAIN Provides up to 200x

4. What Is Leveraged Tokens Trading?

Leveraged tokens are tokenized assets which exists on ERC20, It provides the opportunity to gain leveraged exposure to cryptocurrency markets without the hassle of managing a leveraged account.
Leveraged Tokens Trading benefits crypto traders to leverage their assets without having to worry about margin, liquidation issues, or controlling collateral, , while it boost the profit potential of leveraged crypto assets.

Leveraged tokens trading allows crypto traders to account multiple gain within a very short period of time
Leveraged tokens, on the other hand, are not intended for long-term holding due to the risk of substantial value loss in the well-known volatile cryptocurrency markets.
For the purpose of rebalancing their leveraged tokens, all exchanges that provides
leveraged tokens develop a unique strategy to aid efficiency.

5. How To Plan For Trading In Leveraged Tokens?

  • Don't be greedy; don't raise your hope too high; book small profit, and gradually increase capital.

  • Don't invest all your accumulated capital; Use only a small part of it.

  • Fees and interests of exchanges varies, chose the exchange that you are familiar with their system.

  • Always do proper analysis before trading.

6. Crypto Exchanges Name That Provide Leveraged Tokens Service and What Margin They Provide In Leveraged Tokens?

  1. Binance Exchange: Provides 1.25x and 4x Margin

  2. FTX: Offers Leveraged tokens, and they provide leveraged up to 3x Margin

  3. Huobi: Provides trading leverage token 5x

  4. Kraken: Provides trading leveraged tokens up to 5x

7. Price Forecast For Crypto Assets xxx.

Price forecasting is the strategies of analysis towards predicting an asset's future price in order to make trading and investment decisions.

Using Technical analysis to forecast TRX/USDT


From the above image, we'll see the current price of TRX/USDT at the highlighted area to be 0.16613


From the above image, 2 days ago, the price of TRX/USDT was at the highlighted area to be 0.11804


From the image above, we can see the uptrend which indicated how the price went up to 0.143.
It was a good move.


Here, the price dropped a little from 0.143 to 0.138, and there, I created a support level, it went up a bit later, and came back to the support level at 6:30pm.


And here, from the support level at 0.138, the price has started going up, and doing well at 0.166.
My Production: With the look from the chart, it looks like the season for TRX, and for the next couple of days, we should expect the price going more higher and might definitely hit is all time high point.


Trading is profitable, but before trading, it is good to do personal research and carry out analysis on assets we wished to trade.

I advice my dear readers to have full understanding of Margin trading and Leveraged tokens trading before going into it.

I advice that they know how different exchanges works in regards to margin trading and Leveraged tokens trading as well.

Do not take crypto forecast from anyone as a financial advice, because you alone will be liable for the consequences of your decision.

Lastly, always trade with what you can afford to lose.

Cc: @stream4u


Thank you for joining The Steemit Crypto Academy Courses and participated in the Homework Task.

  • you tried your best to explain the every questions , but expected more details to explore the answer for reader

thank you very much for taking interest in this class

Grade : 7

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