You should consider powering up some of your Steem and participate in the task @sayaalan

 2 years ago 

OK, thanks for the feedback

I see you have a total SP of 954SP in your account. You are eligible to participate.

I guess the minimum 100SP is the effective own SP. It is your own SP (not the delegated in), and it is effective (the delegated out is not counted). So if your own SP is like 150 for the example, then you delegated out 70SP which left you 80 and someone else delegated to you 100 SP which makes your effective SP 180, you still are not qualified. Because the SP counted is your effective own SP (80).

This is my understanding about this matter. You need to read also the course announcement by @steemcurator01 to understand better. The announcement is indivisible part to all courses in related week.

Good luck my friend. I hope it helps. I am new too to Steemit Crypto Academy.

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