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The Homework task week-2 has come to an end on 21st Feb 2021. During the last seven days, we witnessed as many as 71 entries in Blockchain Wallet Chapter-2.

I would like to congratulate all who participated and submitted their assignments during this week. Even if the extrinsic motivation is attached to it, all the participants become a part of the process, and that is more important than the reward. When they gain sufficient user experience and submit their assignment, they develop a better understanding of a particular dApp/wallet, they also earn(in the form of an upvote).

Interaction and engagement are key & vital to disseminate correct information and also necessary to indicate wherever correction is needed. Steemit Crypto Academy is a unique concept that is not limited to crypto literacy of Steem Blockchain only, rather the objective is to cultivate a comprehensive general understanding of the crypto ecosystem with correct information/education.

So before proceeding with the Summary post of Week-2, I would like to convey my gratitude to the Steemit Team for coming up with such an idea and organizing a team for that cause. Definitely, Steemit is helping to lower the barrier to entry with such an initiative.

In the last seven days, I have visited all the posts that have been submitted with the correct tag( #sapwood, #cryptoacademy). So I would request all the participants to make sure that they use the correct tags and that should be among the first five tags. And also make sure you post in the Steemit Crypto Academy community.


Observation & Thoughts

There are 71 entries in the last seven days. I visited them all. Unfortunately, I found that some users are submitting plagiarized/spun content. Even to the extent that they are not using their own screenshot.

Steem Blockchain venerates choice, but that does not translate to spam/plagiarism or spun content. The Proof-of-Brain in Steem Blockchain has been designed to reward the original content creators. So any act of spam/plagiarism is always discouraged by the community.

Further, some users are not covering all the sub-parts of an assignment. I also found a few entries where the total number of words is less than 300 words. So I would like to request all the participants to go through the Guidelines before submitting the assignment.

Always pay attention to the grammar/spelling, proper formatting, use of markdown styling to represent it in a professional way, which always attracts the attention of the reader/curator. If you do that on a day-to-day basis you also evolve as a professional blogger in the long run.

I would also suggest all the participants use the Grammarly app for proof-reading.

We must remember that if it is a topic like Blockchain Wallet, then the user experience is paramount. Otherwise, it does not fulfill the objective of such a task.

Unless you experience private key/mnemonic keys, you won't generate that confidence to handle such a wallet. Trust me, even if you don't earn lucrative rewards, you definitely learn and that is going to help you in the long run. Whenever you deal with a Blockchain wallet, you will always remain assured with the right choice.


Statistics & Evaluation

So here is the stat of the 71 entries in Blockchain Wallet Chapter-2.


Incomplete- Post with less than 300 words, not representing the task with real user experience with a wallet.

Plagiarism/Spun Content- Stealing other text/screenshot and representing as if it is their own content. Using spinning tools & paraphrasing the texts of another post.

Duplicate- If a user has submitted two posts for the same task.


So out of the total 71 posts, 56 are found to be valid entries.

I have evaluated all the entries on the basis of the following parameters:-

  • Proper representation of a task
  • Whether covered all the sub-parts of an assignment or not
  • Proper formating
  • True representation of the text/subject(with illustration/screenshot)
  • Grammar/Spelling
  • Free of Spam/Plagiarism.
  • Adhering to the laid rules or not
  • Proof-Reading
  • Original content

Of the 71 entries, I found the following three as the best entries this week.

S NoAuthorPost LinkWallet used for the TaskRemarks
1@levycoreLinkTronLink Wallet, Extension for Chrome BrowserThe assignment post elicits the user experience with TronLink wallet-- The author has clearly demonstrated how to download, set up a wallet, and how to restore it using the private key
2@kouba01LinkTronLink Wallet, Mobile clientThe author has clearly demonstrated how to restore a wallet using the private key, how to download & install the app, and how to back up the keys with relevant screenshots.
3@pablo1601LinkExodus, Desktop clientThe author has clearly demonstrated how to download and install the Exodus wallet, Desktop client with relevant screenshots.

NB- Selection of a winner may not be absolute, most of the time, it is based on the relative performance. As long as you focus on all the sub-parts of Homework Task and gain sufficient user-experience, you stand better to win it every week.



I would request you all again to become a part of the process, it has got all hidden benefits that you will explore down the line. Try to concentrate on your task. Be your own, be honest, even if you write an average quality post, you will still learn and earn and that is going to help you and will keep you in the comfort space mentally.

The delayed gratification will always mature at some point for the honest actors. You would realize at some point that there is no substitute for hard work and honest effort. They have their hidden dividends in the long run. Those who have been active in Steemit from the last year might have realized it.

Pay attention to the correct tag. From now onwards the tags will be like this- #sapdoowd-week3 #sapwood-week4 and so on...If you are submitting the assignment for Week 3 then the tag is #sapwood-week3. If it is for week 4 then the correct tag is #sapwood-week4


Week-3 (Task, Tags, Guidelines)

Topic- Blockchain Wallet- Chapter-3

Task- (1) Have you ever used a Hardware/software wallet? Which one is having a better security advantage?
(2) What are the important points to consider when you deal with an Exchange(centralized) Wallet & Decentralized wallet. How do you secure/restore both types?
(3) Give an example of a Web 3.0 wallet and what are the distinct uses of a web 3.0 wallet? Have you ever used any Web 3.0 crypto Wallet? Examples?

Tags- #sapwood-week3


  • Your article should be at least 300 words.
  • It is always better to gain user experience (in any Blockchain wallet) before submitting your article.
  • Refrain from spam/plagiarism. This task specifically requires screenshot(s) of your own experience with a wallet. Use images from copyright-free sources and showcase the source, if any.
  • This homework task will run until 28th-Feb'2021.
  • Add tag #sapwood-week3 #cryptoacademy in your post and should be among the first five tags. You can also use other relevant tags like #blockchain #crypto #wallet or any other relevant tag.

Thank you.

(Please feel free to join the comment section if you have any doubt on Homework-Task)




Unless otherwise stated, all the images, infographics, charts, tables, etc(if any) are my original works.



Translation of this post into Spanish.


Thanks you professor.

Thank you my dear professor. Good continuation.

Thank you.

Great eagerly waiting for Week-3 :) @sapwood thanks for the information

Thank you.

Am I too late to begin? How can I begin please?

You can go through the lecture post for Week 3 and submit your post by 28th of Feb 2021.


Thank you.

Thank you, professor @sapwood. I really appreciate it and this makes me excited to create even better content in the future.
Keep Steem On! :D

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Very nice and useful post for newcomer about me.Thanks so much

Hi @sapwood.

Thank you very much for your work.

I was wondering, can I translate this post into Spanish?

Thank you.

I was wondering, can I translate this post into Spanish?

Yes, you can, if you want to.

Thank you @sapwood. I learn a lot form your given assignment though I haven't complete any one of this yet. But I read others assignments. I am new here, so still learning.

wow... thank you so much for your words @spwood!!

Really the cryptoacademy topics are really interesting and exciting.

I try to put my best effort in every work I undertake!!!


Hello i am a bit late to take part in week 1st and week#2 but i will surely do the week 3 homework.. Can i start from week 3 or i have to do the 2 home works first??

No problem.

You can start from Week 3.

Thank you.

That's great Thanks for your reply..