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RE: Crypto Academy Season 3 Beginners' course - Task 3: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Public chains.

in SteemitCryptoAcademy7 months ago (edited)

Thank you.

Should it be like this--

You can attempt any ONE out of the three questions, but you must write the entire Question in Bold letter at the beginning of the post.


The query is because this post has 6 homework questions rather than 3.

Not sure if all or one are to be attempted?

 7 months ago 

Yes, Let me follow up with @stream4u to group the subparts under three heads/questions.

It seems like these are 5 sub-parts of a single Question. I will ask him to edit it.

Thank you.

dear @sapwood, please accept my request on discord. I want to talk you seriously.

 7 months ago 


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