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RE: Crypto Academy Season 3 Beginners' course - Task 1: STEEM & TRON

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Beginner Tier has two types of courses--

(1) Fixed (6 courses without any expiry)
(2) Dynamic (2 courses each week with an expiry of 6 days)

Fixed courses have been designed to motivate Newcomers and to lower the barrier to entry.

If you have not completed Achievement Task-4 then you should wait until 28th, from 28th onwards there will be dynamic courses in all three tiers. You can participate in those courses if you meet requirements(eligibility criteria).

Thank you.


Thanks for the clarification.

 7 months ago 

@sapwood, I have 49 reputation and I have done my achievement post up to 5.1,. But I don't have up to 125sp. Please something should be done to take away this barrier. I think proper consideration should be given to new comers in this regards.

I joined this great platform last month, May 2021. And I believe you can only function well in your area of interest. Having know a little about Forex trading, and saw some crypto tasks and assignments being done by fellow steemians, I have no doubt that I will do well, i mean very well in in crypto academy. Therefore, because of my passion to join crypto academy, I quickly do my achievement post. But I was a bit discouraged when I saw the update few days ago. And I know many people would have thought in this line as well. So, please, dedication and zeal should also be put into consideration when considering the requirements.

As we speak, I have 20Sp. When will I reach 125sp? New comers rarely get support
There is a programme called 500 Minnow support scheduled to help new comers. I applied for this programme and was labeled even with small fish icon😁 I have written like 4 posts with this hashtag #support500sp, of which I have not received any support. And two or three of the posts are now expired.

So, this is what every new comer on steemit is experiencing.
So please, help us. It may be tiring without getting support from old friends here.

Thank you.
I await your swift response.

 7 months ago 

See, you can soon reach 50 SP for sure. Regarding 125 SP, you should approach your Country Representative and participate in the various initiatives and contests to achieve that target.

I am very sure that if you present your state with your Country Representative they will support you with Community Curator Account. There is a path to achieve the small milestone, if you become a part of that process and be consistent, then you can surely reach 125 SP and rep 50.

Thank you.

 7 months ago 

Dear Prof. @sapwood,

Thank you for this. It was a spur.
I am happy to submit my homework. Below is the link to the home work.

Thank you.
Kind regards,

Hola amigo gusto en saludarle. Me llamo mucho la atencion este comentario que realizaste ya que estoy pasando por la misma situacion, sera que me podrias brindar tu apoyo para lograr subir mi nivel. Estaria muy agradecido. Saludos

Am a new commer can i participate now
what are the procedures

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